Thursday, September 15, 2016

Review of Gigamons and Froggy Boogie from Blueorange Games

We love playing family games and I received two new ones I am thrilled to tell you about from Blueorange Games

Froggy Boogie has become a new favorite in our family. This eye popping fun game is amazing and I love that it teaches reasoning skills and solidifies colors for my pre-schooler! 

It’s nap time for the baby frogs, but they still want to play! Players roll two colored dice and look underneath one eye of the matching big frog. If it’s blank, the baby frog can hop across the next lily pad. If there’s a frog on the eye, the baby has been caught! Remember which eyes to pass up to help your baby be the first to race around the pond. This delightful memory game is 100% wood.
The general gist of this game is you roll two dice. Each has a color so you find the frog with BOTH of the colors. You then flip their eye, and if it is blank you can move forward. If it has a frog, you are stuck. This game is FUN for everyone-all ages...and I love that is an all wooden game so it is quality and will last for years to come! I have to stop my three year old from trying to play with it all the time!

Gigamons is equally as fun but for my older son. He does not like to play games as often as my preschooler but he enjoys this one. 

Your mission is to summon these powerful creatures, by combining the tiny Elemons together into their more powerful form.
On your turn, you will look at 2 of the face-down Elemons on the table, revealing them to all players. When you find a pair of Elemons, you will also invoke their unique, special power, giving you an advantage for the rest of the game.
My son has always loved a memory challenge and has been able to beat me at one since he was two years old, so this games is right up his alley! He just loves this...and of course beats me every single time!! 

Blueorange games offers a huge variety of unique games you will not find in the big box stores, so if you or someone you love is into board games then this is the perfect place to look around!  

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  1. So I guess baby frogs are a thing? Interesting sounding games though. We're suckers for anything frog-related especially.

  2. These are really cute games love the frogs.

  3. These are really cute games love the frogs.