Thursday, October 27, 2016

Join Shoedazzle VIP and Save Big

Last month (September), I told you what I thought about Shoedazzle. Usually I don’t write follow up posts, but wanted to with them. Being a VIP member, I get benefits every month, so I figured I would share my thoughts after a little time has passed. I must say, I’m still in love with the boots that I ordered last month. They are the softest and most comfortable flat boots that I own.

I’m sure all of you read my past post (you didn’t? what?!?! Just kidding, it’s ok if you didn’t), but I want to recap a little on what the VIP membership is for Shoedazzle.
A few things to know about a VIP membership:
  •        You CAN cancel at any time (just call or use the live chat option)
  •        You DON’T have to buy every month if you can’t (as long as you hit “skip” by the 5th of the month).
  •        Get FREE shipping & exchanges (free shipping is available on orders $39 and over)
  •        Up to 25% off retail prices
  •        Members-only benefits
Often I say, oh you can cancel anytime, but some companies make it hard. Not Shoedazzle, they really do mean anytime. They also mean you can skip a month easily without having to cancel your membership. I went through the process of skipping a month just to see for myself and I didn’t have a million screens asking my am I sure, and why etc.

My daughter loved wearing my Kate boots so much that she made me promise to get her a pair (mine are just a tad too big). She’s 13, so having her love something of her mom’s in the shoe department is a pretty big deal.

There were so many options to choose from and very well organized. It’s like Shoedazzle read my mind when organizing and putting into categories. You don’t have to weed through everything, if you only want to look at flat boots you can, or heels etc. Once you get to that screen you can go even further and search by size and color.

Shoedazzle is of course known for their shoes, but they also have other accessories, like clothes. Take a look at this pullover for example. Normally this would sell for $57.95, but for VIP it’s only $10.74!

Their organization doesn’t just stop in the shoe department. They also carry that over to handbags, clothes and other accessories. I also love that they have plus size clothing as an option right on the main navigation bar. This way us plus size girls don’t have to go searching through everything just to see that it doesn’t come in our size. I have been a size 4 and up to a size 22, so I really know what it’s like looking for clothes at every stage. Don’t think just because the plus size is in it’s own area, that the clothes aren’t good. They are really cute, like this Dolman Side Button Sweater. I’m loving the Heather cappuccino color. It’s available in an XS and up to a 3X. To make it even better, the VIP price is only $10.74 rather than $59.95!

It’s holiday shopping time, and I highly recommend you checking out Shoedazzle. You can get your family and friends gifts and of course throw in something for yourself as well.

You don’t have to wait to save because, when you sign up for the VIP membership, you get your first style for only $10! Please let me know if you do sign up and I want to know what your first order was for.

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  1. I had thought about this last holiday and forgot since then. I may have to revisit it and get started!

  2. I LOVE those boots! I think I might need them! I have ever heard of them before, but I will be checking them out now!

  3. I will have to check out Shoedazzle. So far I have liked what I have seen and I am really liking the prices.

    1. Ok, I couldn't resist. I have already placed an order for a pair of black booties and a v-neck tunic in the oxblood color.

  4. I love those boots!!! I am a boot fanatic I love this time of year, so much fun to wear boots and leggings!

  5. I will have to check out Shoedazzle. These boots are fantastic. I am glad you are still happy with them.

  6. This is awesome! Looks like they have really nice stuff! And I love that they have great discounts for VIP members! I need to check this out!

  7. Shoedazzle is a site I am most definitely willing to check out! Seems totally up my alley. I love that you have the option to skip certain months as well!

  8. Love those boots and the dolman side button sweater looks so stylish and cozy for fall. I've never shopped at Shoedazzle before, but I'm going to take a look as I need to stock up on fall styles.

  9. i love those boots. i could totally use them right now. its that time in south florida where boots are a go. its a little cool here at the moment.

  10. I need a new pair of boots so badly and I love the ones you are modeling in your post! Definitely going to check out shoe dazzle and see what goodies they have in store for my feet!

  11. I honestly had no idea Shoedazzle sold other things besides shoes! Now I have even more reason to finally check it out

  12. I love your boots and the sweater you featured. Shoedazzle Vip program does definitely sounds like a great deal.

  13. Shoe dazzle is fantastic! They've got all types and styles at great prices

  14. ShoeDazzle has a great choice to possible gifts to buy!

  15. I love this review of shoe dazzle.I was pinning these black quilted shoe dazzle boots on your pinterest, and now reading this review is like it speaks to my desires in shopping. I'm a size 14 and my style is cute sweaters like the one you featured, and the flat boots look my style as well. I have a brown pair of flat boots that are soft on the outside and look much like these so I get what you mean about the comfort. When I get excited about shopping it's online, so this is great.

  16. I've been wanting to see what Shoedazzle was all about for a while... I didn't know they had other things like handbags and clothes!!! That's awesome!

  17. Absolutely Love these boots! I wish I could afford this.