Wednesday, October 19, 2016

World Osteoporosis Day

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hologic, Inc. 100% of the opinion is my own.

Have you ever had a bone scan? It sounds really complicated and somewhat scary, but I assure you it isn’t. I may only be 32 but I have had a handful of bone scans in my life. The reason for this… I have osteoarthritis, metabolic bone disease and osteoporosis runs in my family. I have to be checked often as a preventive and to see if there are any changes.  The 15-minute test will help predict your risk of breaking a bone.

Courtesy of Hologic, Inc.

Like I said above, getting a bone scan (DXA scan) done only takes about 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes they can see everything that is going on. The plus side, is that this isn’t invasive and doesn’t hurt, and that’s from someone who has had a few. Did you know that more U.S. women die each year from complications of hip fracture than from breast cancer, and that a woman’s risk of hip fracture equals her combined risk of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer? I didn’t know that. That number is way too high. Hologic is a leading global healthcare and diagnostics company with a focus on women’s consumer health. According to them older women who had a DXA had a 35% reduction in hip fractures during the following three years.

One of my many bone issues is metabolic bone disease. To help lessen the effects I have to eat better. For example, lean proteins, fruits, veggies and get more vitamins like calcium and vitamin D. These things are key to having healthy bones.

I live with bone disease 24/7 and I really recommend you and everyone in your family to go and get tested.  There are so many factors that play a role in your risk for osteoporosis, including age, gender, lifestyle, medical history, family history and whether you take any medication or have medical conditions that can lead to bone loss. I waited too long and regret it. I don’t want others to follow in my path.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hologic, Inc. Hologic is sponsoring this post because the company is a leading developer of innovative healthcare products that enable women to lead healthier lives, everywhere, every day. To learn more about osteoporosis through Hologic, visit, a website that Hologic launched in honor of National Osteoporosis Month (May).

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  1. Find out early if you have it. always go to the doctor to find out

  2. WOW!! I am so sorry and my prayers are with you, I don't even think I have ever thought to get tested for something like this, Although I have complained to my daughter , she said I am fine,, but I am going to speak up again...

  3. I've been having so many problems with my bones as of late, so when I came across your article I just had to read. Thanks for your insight, and now I know I need a bone scan. Wish me luck.

  4. My mother died from complications after she broke her hip. I have had a bone scan.

    slehan at juno dot com

  5. I had not realized that bone disease in women was such a leading cause of death in women. I am very sorry to hear that you are fighting bone disease. Thank you for sharing about your bone issues, to allow others to become informed about their own health. Knowledge is power.

  6. My sister and mother have osteoporosis. I am trying to get calcium the natural way as I can not take supplements.

  7. I had my first bone density test when I was in my 30's.Should have another!

  8. Thanks for all the information I never realive how important a scan is.

  9. Thanks for all the information I never realive how important a scan is.

  10. Osteoarthritis is a serious disease, I'm glad you are creating awareness.