Sunday, November 27, 2016

Secret Santa & Stocking Stuffer ideas

Stocking stuffers and secret Santa presents are often simple and fun, but also are sometimes the hardest to think of. For my kids, I usually go to candy and trinkets, but what about everyone else? I have come up with a few different and unique ideas for stockings this year.  

For the bakers:

This decorating pen is about $7 from Trudeau. Inexpensive and super easy to use. The pen comes with two different tips. This way you can create different designs with it.  I am horrible with decorating with icing, but my daughter is getting good at it and enjoys it. One of the problems I thought I was going to have with this was washing it. The good part, is that it’s dishwasher safe. No need to try and figure out how scrub everything.

For wine lovers:

I have THREE didn’t options for you, and they are each under $15, which makes them perfect for secret Santa presents at work and the stockings at home.
9 Piece Glass Tag & Market Set

Whenever you have a few people over, glasses can get mixed up. With this set, the tags attach to the glass. You write your name on the tag. When you are done, then you just clean the tag for the next person for theirs. I think it’s such a cute idea. The set includes 8 colored tags and a marker. This retails for about $9.99.
Turbo Double Lever Corkscrew

For only $14.99 you get an all in one device. Seriously, you can open a bottle super-fast. It removes corks twice as fast as others. One of the features, I really liked is the handle, as it is very easy to hold and control. At the same time, it has a built in bottle opener as well. This thing is awesome. I’m of course keeping this, but may be buying a few more as gifts.
Wine Preserving Pump w/ 2 stoppers

Wine lovers will LOVE this! It doesn’t happen often but there are times where there is wine left in the bottle. Trudeau has a great wine preserving pump. The point of the pump is to preserve the oxidation. I have use theirs on a few bottles not to test it out, and it works great. For $12.99, this is a great deal.
Purse/handbag lovers:

The Gussy, is something that I have never seen before. It’s a really simple concept. To sum it up, it’s a rain cover for your purse or handbag. There are Velcro pieces that you put through the handle to secure it. Other than that, it just lays over your purse and protects it from the rain or snow. It’s large enough that it will fit over larger bags, as it comes in one size. The Gussy has a few different styles, but I’m sure more are coming soon. They are very simple, but definitely help. I have a very nice leather bag that I don’t want ruined by rain. This would give me peace of mind. For about $20 this is a great stocking stuffer/secret Santa.

For the kids:

When I was a kid, trolls were huge. Now, they are big for my kids. There are so many options out there with Trolls and it seems everyone is getting in on it. I’ve found a couple of things my daughter loves. The secret bags are a hit. She doesn’t know which one is in there until it’s opened, and she doesn’t mind if there are repeats. The other thing is the Invisibobble. This is a hair ring, but is clear. It gives you the look you want, while not having the bulk of a hair tie. Also, it helps eliminate split ends and doesn’t damage the hair.

You can buy these at Sephora and comes in 3 to a box. Therefore it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer. They are small but so cute, that anyone would love them.

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  1. I really like the 9 Piece Glass Tag & Market Set. That would be really great for my sister.

  2. The popularity of trolls will definitely be a part of her stocking. For him, little cars.