Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Florida Prepaid College: Give the Best Gift You Can Give!

My children receive so much at the holidays  that they know if they receive a check, they are going to hand it over to us for their savings account. Sometimes they like to argue with us about it, but they know the rules. We educate them that one day they will be incredibly thankful for this gift. However, I was recently made away of an even greater idea! The Florida Prepaid plan! Family members can now buy an entire year of college, or even just 30 credit hours at a time if that suits their budget better! Wouldn't it be an amazing thing if family members went in together and bought your child a year of college to be used at a later date at one of Florida's amazing universities? I honestly cannot think of a greater gift to give a child, OR A PARENT, than a college education, PAID FOR!  I seriously love this idea, and wish that all of those checks we received for our kids have went to Florida Prepaid College. Even though we have the money saved, I feel like our money would have went further because you are locked in at today's rate, and we all know that college prices are going up every single year.

You can have up to 4- one year plans per child so after you purchase one, you can purchase more later and completely pay for a bachelors degree.  There are also the two year college plans, so you set your child up for a practical career at a community college, or it can be applied to universities across the country! I am a fan of this plan in particular because I am a graduate of a community college with my Registered Nurse degree. I feel with an associates degree, young adults can support themselves while going to a four year college if they choose to do so. A two year degree, when used properly can set a person up for success in the future. This is actually my favorite plan, and I just suggested it to my husband for our own children.

There is also the four year option, where you entirely pay for a full four year education for your child, but not at a University. There are 28 colleges in Florida that offer bachelors degrees that are State colleges, but offer the same degree type like nursing and education. This plan is cheaper than the four year University plan, but offers your child more options in their education.

There is also the 2+2 option, which I love! This gives your kid a great foundation of having the community college background, but then attending the University afterward. Even better, students on this plan are guaranteed admission to a University when they have completed their state college requirements. This is actually my favorite plan, and I just suggested it to my husband for our own children.

Then there is the traditional 4-year University plan. This plan fully pays for your child to attend a four year university in the state of Florida. Just like the other plans, the amount paid can be applied to other colleges across the country, so you are not limiting your kids to only Florida schools by purchasing this. There is even a dormitory plan too! 

My husband and I were so impressed that he headed over to sign up today. I had to remind him that it might be better to wait until payday. While my family cannot afford the four year University for all three of our kids, the two year program is definitely feasible and will certainly help when the time for college comes...and it will definitely come sooner than we think!

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