Friday, May 12, 2017

Give Personalized Perfume from Waft for Mothers Day

Perfume is a big gift when it comes to Mother’s Day presents. Our favorites change over time, and sometimes we may not get the right scent. Waft, not only lets you create your own, but also allows you to gift that to someone else so they can create it themselves. I have always wanted to make my own perfume so there was no way I was saying to invite from Waft.

The first thing you do is decide if you are going to make it, or gift it to someone else. If you are gifting, it’s even easier as it’s just saying gift, buying, and sending the code. If you are making it yourself, that’s there the fun begins.
Waft isn’t just for women’s scents, you can make men’s colognes as well. I don’t think they could make this process any easier. Each screen give you your options.

Step 1
Chose if it’s for a man or woman (in my case women).

Step 2
Choose the type from Masculine, Unisex, or feminine.

Step 3
Choose between day or night

Step 4
Sport, Social, Work, or Dating

Step 5
Fresh, Sexy, Elegant, or Relaxed

Step 6
Classic or Trendy

Step 7
Subtle or Balanced

Step 8
This is my favorite step as you can pick your favorite ingredients like vetiver, pink pepper, and so many more.

Step 9
You get to name your creation. I chose Poised and then had “be confident, be elegant, be you.” Under it.

Besides the perfume that you create, Waft also creates 2 side scents to compliment yours. These can be worn separate, combined or a variation of.

Waft takes a few days to process your order and then shipped. I couldn’t wait to receive everything. I wasn’t disappointed either. All 3 scents are awesome. One of the small ones is to freshen and I can think of when I smell it is, fresh (even before I read freshen on the card).

If you are looking for a great personalized gift for your mother or wife, or just want something new for yourself. I highly recommend Waft. Plus using my link you can get a 10% discount.

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  1. sounds so complicated don't no if I would be brave enough to try.