Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pixar and Disney's Coco in Theaters 11/22

Being Hispanic myself and having one of my daughters also being half Mexican on her paternal side, I try and teach them about the culture. I seriously can’t wait to see Pixar and Disney’s new movie Coco. It comes out in theaters tomorrow (11/22). To add do it, before the movie starts, you will get to watch Olaf in a Frozen short!

“Coco” is set in Mexico in two distinct, but parallel worlds: the Land of the Living and the Land of the Dead. Pixar Animation Studios’ artists were deeply inspired by their research trips. “Mexico is a designer’s dream,” says producer on designer Harley Jessup. “I knew we would feature the rich color and textures that we saw everywhere.” But the designers would have to create two complete worlds. For most of the year, these two worlds exist separately but harmoniously side by side. And every year, for one day, they come together in a magical way. “Día de Muertos is like a big family reunion that spans the divide between the living and the dead,” says director Lee 7 Unkrich. “But it isn’t about grieving; it’s a celebraƟ on. It’s about remembering those family members and loved ones who’ve passed, and keeping them close.” Although these worlds were designed in direct contrast to each other, co-director and screenwriter Adrian Molina says they actually share key characteristics. “They’re both filled with color, music and joy,” he says. “The characters—whether living or dead—are optimistic and completely devoted to their families.” Producer Darla K. Anderson has long been an admirer of the team’s work to populate these worlds. “Somewhere along the line, these characters became real to me,” she says. “They’re unique and are imbued with these very specific personalities. It would be impossible not to fall in love with them. We set out to create characters that are believable and empathetic, transcendent and interesting. They’re larger than life—real, yet utterly fantastical.”

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  1. This is such a cute movie. Disney does it again. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless