Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Dan loves cheesecake so making it for him is always fun. I wanted to do something a little different so chocolate covered cheesecake bites was a perfect idea and very easy to make. What’s great is you don’t have to do a hot water bath like a normal baked cheesecake requires. A lot of cheesecakes bake for an hour or longer, this only take about 30 minutes of bake time. Follow the super simple recipe below and trust me you will love it!


1 ½ cup Graham crackers
5 tablespoons unsalted butter (melted)

2 8 ounce packages cream cheese (room temp)
¾ cup sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon cornstarch
2 eggs (crack and bring to room temp)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract)

Chocolate coating
8 ounces melting chocolate (wafers or like candiquick)
*if you use wafers use a little bit of coconut oil mixed in


Preheat oven to 325F
Line 8 in pan with parchment paper

In food processor put graham crackers and pulse until fine. Place in a medium bowl and add melted butter. Mix until all the crumbs are all moistened. Press firmly and evenly into the bottom of the pan and set aside.


*In prefer to use a Kitchen aid (use the paddle attachment) mixer but you can use a handheld if you want.
Beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy.  Add the sugar, salt, cornstarch, eggs and vanilla, and mix until it is smith and pourable.
Bake for about 30 mins until the center doesn’t jiggle more than just a little bit.
Set on the counter to cool for around 20-30 mins. Then Cover with Plastic wrap and place in the freezer until firm (2-3 hours).

Slice into pieces.

Chocolate coating
If you get the candiquick it’s really easy you just have to put in the microwave and you are good. With the wafers, add a little coconut oil and place in the microwave. Ever 30 seconds mix to make nice and even and no hot spots.

Dip each into the chocolate and place on the parchment paper. The chocolate will dry really fast.

Store in an air tight container in the fridge until you are ready to serve.

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  1. Katrina, these are incredible bite-size delights I can eat! They are easy enough and so friendly for the party time and get-togethers. I can make them ahead of time. Awesome!

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  8. Annemarie LeBlancThursday, August 01, 2019

    Cheesecake in bite size portions! Yummy. I like your chocolate covered twist on the basic recipe. I will try making this on the weekend.

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