Thursday, August 29, 2019

$50 Back to School Cash Giveaway

$50 Back to School Cash Giveaway 

Ends 9/5- Open World Wide

We wanted to share with you a great giveaway just in time for back to school. Who couldn't use an extra $50? 

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  1. My kids are looking forward to meeting their new teachers.

  2. my kids already started and love art lol, that's their fav class.

  3. my boys are twins and are excited about math, they are really good at it. hey it makes then excited for school so i go with it.

  4. my daughter is pretty much happy that she can see some of her friends again. she could care less about school, but she started 6th grade so it seems about right.

  5. My oldest said he was most excited for gym class, i'm not at all surprised by this. I'm excited that I can have a warm cup of coffee the first time I pour it.