Monday, September 30, 2019

Redbox Has Your Favorite Halloween Movies

Redbox recently asked people about their favorite scary movies and snacks. I wasn’t surprised at the results. I have seen them all. Out of the scary list the newest one of the list is the Quiet place is on there and I have to say it is a really really good movie. At the end it asks about Halloween traditions and what they are. It’s so fun to see the options.

What is your favorite scary movie? 

1.       The Shining
2.       AQuiet Place
3.       Halloween
4.       The Exorcist
5.       Nightmare on Elm Street
Source: A survey of 748 highly engaged Redbox Customers, 8/27 – 9/8.

What is your favorite family Halloween movie? 

1.       HocusPocus
2.       Beetlejuice
3.       It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
4.       The Nightmare Before Christmas
5.       Ghostbusters
Source: A survey of 936 highly engaged Redbox Customers, 8/27 – 9/8.

What is your favorite Halloween candy? (Halloween)

One-quarter responded that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were their favorite Halloween Candy, followed distantly by:  

1.       Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
2.       Snickers
3.       Candy Corn
4.       Peanut M&M’s
5.       Almond Joy

Source: A survey of 1095 highly engaged Redbox Customers, 9/3 – 9/15

What is your favorite Halloween tradition? 

Not surprisingly, going trick or treating and handing out candy are the favorite Halloween traditions, followed by:

1.       Going trick or treating
2.       Handing out candy
3.       Watching a scary movie
4.       Carving pumpkins
5.       Putting up Halloween decorations

Source: A survey of 1095 highly engaged Redbox Customers, 9/3 – 9/15

Do you have any on the lists that aren’t mentioned? I would love to hear your thoughts. Make sure you rent from Redbox and start your own Halloween traditions this year. 

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  1. We Redbox it every Friday night! I think we might have to throw Hocus Pocus into the mix this year!

  2. My family might just have to rent a movie this weekend. These movies are perfect for Halloween

  3. Another favorite of mine during the month of October: Halloween-themed movies! Some are too much for our kids, but we like watching more safer ones for them. The Exorcist freaks me out still to this day!

  4. I'm not one for scary movies but I do like the list of family Halloween movies. I used to watch It's the Graet Pumpkin, Charlie Brown every year.

  5. I should organize a movie night with a Halloween theme. I think that my family will love it!

  6. I've seen A Quiet Place and it's tremendously heart pumping. I think there would be a 2nd part but really not sure tho. I't s a perfect Halloween movie.

  7. Hocus Pocus is my favorite. I also love Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street but not really Halloween!

  8. I guess Red Box does know the seasons! Red Box in my area has all of my favorite movies always out. Wish they could stock it better!

  9. I've never used Red Box, but loved all info you've shared! Can't wait to check them out!

  10. I'm so excited for Halloween themed movies. I'm a big horror movie fan but my husband won't watch with him. I have to plan movie nights with my mom because she loves them too.

  11. I love family Halloween movies for sure. Not so much horror films

  12. We enjoy Halloween movies. Will be stopping at the nearest Redbox.

  13. I really need to stop by a Red Box. Thanks for the article!

  14. My favorite movie for Halloween would be a Ghostbusters movie, they're classic!

  15. Thanks for the great movie suggestions!

  16. I haven't used Redbox in quite a while. I need to see what they have out now that we haven't seen.

  17. I have never used Redbox. These movies are awesome for Halloween. The Exorcist is my favorite

  18. Looking for Hocus Pokus. Is it in the box?