Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Moosh-Moosh now has Halloween Plushies

Every kid loves stuffed animals, heck even adults, I know I do. Any day of the week is a good reason to give a special plush, even Halloween. Moosh-Moosh has a new line of Halloween  plushies that are perfect for Halloween that everyone in the family will love!

Fang is super cute and definitely all about Halloween. He’s so sweet, courageous, and well a little monster but in a cute way. Fang can be your new friend. Fallon took to him right away and loves sleeping with him.   

Moosh-Moosh has a whole new line out just for Halloween, so make sure you go to CVS, Staples and Walgreens and check them out to see what they have and grab one. 

Moosh-Moosh has other plushies as well besides Halloween and they are beyond cute. 

Yup, Cory is a flashlight. There are other options as well not just Cory. You just need to add AA batteries and you are set.

Strawberry Banks! A bank.

Fallon loves this as she loves putting her money in her banks all over her room. These banks actually can hold up to $100 dollars in coins so tell your kiddos to save up.


Ok these are super cute and really affordable at about $5.99

Designed with the softest fabric, these cuddle buddies fit in a child’s hand. The 2019 Series 1 collection is available in a dozen different characters. Skwishys measure 3” x 3”. Give ‘em a pet and/or a squish! Now sold at Staples stores! 

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  1. My daughters love Moosh Mooshes! My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with strawberries, and that strawberry bank is perfect for her. I'm impressed that it can hold so much money in coins. I will put this on her Chrsitmas list, as she doesn't have a piggy bank.

  2. Aww those are so cute. They have so may adorable versions!

  3. These are so cute. My granddaughter loves small stuffed animals. Thank you so much for sharing these