Sunday, January 19, 2020

Family get away to Metropolis Resort

Over the holiday season we took a family trip to the  Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, WI for the weekend to help Mighty Maddy Mission and their Tinsel and Tidings event. It was truly amazing. My family and I truly felt honored to be a part of the event. Of course, we also had some fun during the weekend while we were there. I want to not only share the event details with you but also how you can go have fun at the  Metropolis Resort with your family for a weekend getaway.

First let’s talk about Mighty Maddy Mission. I talked about it before leading up to the event. SO, I’ll just share a few more details. The event was amazing. So many people showed up it was a so busy. Next year, they may need a bigger room. Over $6,000 was raised in the silent auction for pediatric cancer patients.

our tree :) 

My family and I even donated presents and sponsored a tree ourselves. Top Notch Material is blessed so we wanted to give back. The kid had a blast decorating the tree and arranging the gifts under it so the people could see what they were bidding on.

Once the event started, everyone was there to see all the trees. Companies donated all sorts of toys and things for the grown-ups as well. There were also activities for the kids to do like decorate ornaments and a hot chocolate bar. You can’t forget Santa was there as well, with presents for all the little ones.

This was such a great event that the Metropolis Resort hosted for Mighty Maddy Mission as it brought so much awareness for them.

the Metropolis Resort supports so many different causes throughout the year, this is only one of them. Check out all the other ones that they do.

Spend the weekend at the Metropolis Resort

the Metropolis Resort hosted us and provided us with a great 2 bedroom 2 full bathroom suite which is perfect for a 5 person family. Everyone has their own space (very much needed). The suites have different theme as before we had a Vegas theme and this time we had New York. I love that as you don’t know what you are going to get. We also had a different layout which I didn’t mind at all.

Action City is the fun part of the resort. It’s broken up into 2 different areas. One being the trampoline and arcade park and the other the water park.

The trampoline park has areas where you can play dodge ball, just jump around on your own, do an indoor ninja course. At night they even have a black light time that’s fun. Depending on your family you can get just an hour or 2 of jump time or you can get the unlimited time of jump and play which includes all non ticketed arcade games (like go karts and virtual reality). In my opinion if you are going to be playing a lot of games, the unlimited is well worth it as the go karts and virtual reality get expensive and add up after a few times.

The other card you get is a money card for the ticket items. You don’t get regular tickets as it just gets loaded onto your card. This makes it so much easier than carrying around a bunch of tickets. I gave each kid their own card and when the money was up, it was up. Also, this way we knew how many tickets they really had and they could spend it on whatever they wanted.

I think one of the only activities that was extra in the area was the axe throwing. You have to be over 13 years old to do it. I wish my health was better and I would have done it.

For breakfast we had the family breakfast delivered by room service and it’s one heck of a spread; pancakes, sausage, breakfast potatoes, English Muffins. eggs, oj, milk. We had it both mornings we were there and were very happy both times. It’s perfect for a family as it’s something for everyone.

Being in a wheelchair for walking distances it sometimes can make things difficult especially after I just had spinal surgery. the Metropolis Resort was very accommodating for me and I could move around freely in the chair. I could even do the virtual reality while in the chair which is nice. A lot of the time I have to sit in the sidelines and just watch everyone.

If you want something fun, definitely do the virtual reality as it’s so much fun. Mya, Canon and I did it and you don’t know what to expect. One of the times we did zombies and they just jump out at you. If you have the unlimited play you can use that and not use the money card for it.

Another thing the kids loved doing over and over were the go karts. Now if you are little like Fallon, you need to have someone drive. Again, if you have unlimited play use that as it adds up. If I remember right, it’s about $7 so do unlimited, it’s worth it.

Before we went into the water park the kids needed some food so we ordered our Godzilla pizza. When you see the picture below you will see why it’s named that. It’s a 30” pizza!!! Nice things is you can put toppings on each quarter so that you have different parts, that’s what we did. It’s huge! It hardly fit through the door of the room with the box. With 5 of us, we of course at leftovers for days, but it was worth it as it’s a great pizza.

The waterpark is fit for all ages. You have a lazy river, a kiddy area for the very little ones. There is also a pool area with a basketball hoop so you can play games. Then there are some slides. There are 2 slides for bigger kids/adults and one for younger kids. This is great as Fallon is old enough for the younger kids slide but not quite for the bigger kids. Dan, Mya and Canon loved going on the other 2 though. Fallon loved the lazy river, that girl could float on there all day if I let her. It’s not a huge water park, but it’s great to just get away and have some fun and let the kids play. There is a snack bar if you and the kiddos get hungry and don’t want to run up to the room.

We were there for 2 nights and had an absolute blast and couldn’t thank the Metropolis Resort more for hosting us. If you want to Surprise your kiddos with a weekend away now that the holidays are over, I would definitely check out the resort and book a night or 2 for your family.

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  1. This place looks like tons of fun! I would definitely enjoy visiting. The room looks amazing and that room service meal, wow! Wisconsin isn't too far from me, hopefully I'll get to go one day soon. I think it's terrific that you and your family donated presents and sponsored a tree. Also congrats to them for raising money for a worthy cause. Oh and that Godzila pizza has my name all over it!

  2. Oooh, I love your christmas jumpers!! This getaway looks like the perfect family trip!

  3. wow. it sure looks like they have something for everyone there! i haven't seen tinsel on christmas trees in a long time. is that common in your part of the world? joy

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  5. family outings are the best! wherever it may be, as long as everyone is there, it is sure fun!
    Cha at Little MisadvenCHA

  6. This place looks so fun! I love the family pictures and all the fun activities the place had to offer!! Winter is a great time to get out and enjoy family time!!

  7. This makes me wish I was kid right now :) soooo much fun.

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