Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Adventure Challenge Switches up your Dates.

Imagine not knowing what your date is going to be until you scratch off the foil in a book. Well, that’s what Dan and I did the other day with the help of The Adventure Challenge Couple Edition. It was a little crazy not knowing what we were going to do up until we were leaving, but fun at the same time. So often we get stuck in a rut of doing the same type of dates with our partners. It’s fun to do something different. That’s where The Adventure Challenge comes in to play. They want to help get you out and about and do something that you may normally not do. The date we went on the other day was definitely an example of that. Please Follow along and see why I’m wearing these crazy green pants with that hat and maroon fringe shirt. If you are needing an idea for Valentine’s Day, THIS! This was so much fun.

In the box you have the book and the camera. The great thing about the camera is that you can keep using the camera for more memories. You can buy the film (Fujifilm Instax Mini Film) at any store like Walmart, Target etc.

Like I said above, you don’t know exactly what the date is until you scratch off the square, and the book tells you. There are a few rules though. There are no take backs. Once you scratch off the square you have to do that date, so choose carefully. There is a key to help with clues like will it be indoors, will you get wet, will you be eating etc. This will help you make your selection. At the end of each date you will take a picture with the provided instant camera and place it in the book along with writing about the date so you can remember it forever.

Each square will tell you approx. how much you will spend on the date, the time of date is best to go, and the time frame you should allow. Of course, all this can vary depending on your creativity. You can spend more money and more time if you want.

You don’t really know what the dates are exactly, but you get clues through the key. We decided to do the Shape Thrifters as our first date (there are 50 to choose from). I thought it would be something to do with a thrift store and I was right, so I was really excited as I LOVE a good thrift store. There was a twist to the date though. Here’s the twist:

Go to a thrift store and Follow these rules:

1.     Buy your partner an outfit of your choosing (min 3 items)
2.     With your new outfits give each other a new name you will use the rest of the evening
3.     Do a public activity (mini golf, movie, eating dessert etc)
4.     Have a stranger take a picture with your camera

So we headed off to Goodwill, and I think Dan and a little more fun than I did as let’s be honest, the women’s section has way more options than the men’s do. He lucked out and his first choice for me fit. I think the pants are so bright that they could see them from the international space station, what do you think?  

Dan picked out a Green pair of pants, maroon fringe top and a hat for me. I picked out camo pants, Harley shirt and a Jack Daniels hat for him. His name is Daryl and the name he picked for me is Lorelai.

We headed out to Culver's to get some dinner. We got a few looks especially from some of the younger people. Being from WI, I think Dan fit in more with his Harley and camo pants than I did. We asked a stranger to take our picture and he was super sweet about it even though he was confused about our outfits. He laughed a little when we told him the story as did a few people around us as they seemed interested in the story as well.

We had a blast. It was so much fun getting out and doing something different other than just going to Culver's as Katrina and Dan. I can’t wait to scratch off more squares and see what the book has in store for us. Since I am physically disabled, I will have to modify them a little for the ones that are things I can’t do but that’s ok, we do the best we can. I’m just so happy to do something out of the norm.

The Adventure Challenge is a fantastic gift idea for Valentine’s Day. I highly recommend checking it out and getting it for you and your Valentine this year. With so many dates to choose from, you are set for the rest of the year.

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