Sunday, June 14, 2020

Father's Day Gift Basket ideas

I love creating gift baskets. There is just something about taking a few items that I know the receiver will love and putting them together. Holidays like Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to make a gift basket. Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate for someone to love it. I found a couple products that you may love, I mean what dad doesn’t love some jerky right? I also added in a pilot pen to my Old Trapper Jerky Basket as it’s the perfect addition to any basket in my opinion.

Beef Jerky is a great way to a man’s heart. I know in my house a great way to make Dan happy is through food. Old Trapper Beef Jerky is a no brainer for a snack. With a bunch of flavors options, you have something for everyone. 3 of the flavors that we received for sticks were Teriyaki, original and jalapeno.

Out of the 3 I would say that the Teriyaki is our favorite. It has just the right amount of sweetness that complements the other flavors.

On a side note, if you are looking for protein the Teriyaki has 6g of protein in each serving. That’s not bad at all.  I also love the fact that there isn’t a list a mile long of ingredients. We are really trying to buy foods that have less when we can (not always possible). Even though it’s a packaged food they still cut down on all the extras.

Of course, you can’t have a jerky basket without some real beef stick. The original jerky is so good. I may or may not have taken a bag for myself and not given it to Dan. It’s not tough like some that I have tried in the past. I seriously think this is my new favorite jerky brand and flavor even though it’s just the original.

The ingredients are just like the sticks, minimal and with the jerky you get 11 grams per serving.

I also love that they smoke their meat on real wood fire smoke and you can really tell the difference. It has that taste like you made it from your smoker at home but didn’t have to do all the work yourself.

If you fall in love with Old Trapper, you can actually order the jerky on subscription. It’s easy to set up and if you want to skip a delivery time you can do that and then resume for the next one. That is also a great gift idea for a real die-hard jerky lover.

Gift basket can’t just be one item in my mind and since I’m in love with Pilot Pens, I wanted to add one of my favorites from their line; the Explorer. I’ve talked about this one before and it really is my go-to gift as it’s so elegant. It can be added to a basket or just given by itself.

One of the things I love about the Explorer is how easy you can write with it. If you have a dad that is a writer, he will love this. The grip is great, and the flow of the ink is perfect.

While the ink is black, there are a lot of options as far as color of the outside of the pen so look and see if they have his favorite color. You can also refill the ink so it’s not just a one and done pen. This can last for years to come making it well worth your money. Plus every time he uses it, he can think about the great gift.

You can order right from their sites, Amazon Prime (still time), or stores like Walmart and Target carry both Old Trapper and Pilot Pen.  

Do you have a go to item for a gift basket that you almost always include? I’d love to hear plus what you think about these great products.

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  1. what is it about a gift basket that folks just love? and you can never have too many pilot pens!

  2. Thank you for the ideas! My partner loves beef jerky but it’s so difficult to get a hold of in the UK.

  3. This is a great gift idea for dads. I will need to buy extra, though, because all of my boys will steal it!

  4. I would really like to try Old Trapper Beef Sticks. Sounds like a good Father's Day gift. What do you think?

  5. I liked the Explorer one. Pilot pens are good gifts, especially since my father likes writing. His handwriting is superb and he does calligraphy well.

  6. Ohh that beef jerky is calling my name. I'd like to buy them for my dad too, but first for me!

  7. this is a sweet gesture for father's day! creative indeed.. you'll never go wrong with beef jerky and a pen - this makes it so personalize.

  8. You can NEVER go wrong with beef jerky! I honestly don't know a dad who would turn this gift away! Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is a great Father's Day gift idea. My husband loves beef jerky and I am pretty sure that he will love this gift basket. It's unique, practical and yummy.

  10. Father's day is just around the corner and these are great gift ideas. <3 For sure, my papa will be delighted to receive this basket of gifts. <3

  11. These are great ideas for fathers day gifts. My dad would be happy with those.