Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Use pilot pens to cover your books

Are you done with your back to school shopping or are you like me and kind of wait until the last minuet? We all know that Pilot Pen holds a special place in my heart. As we prepare for school a little different this year, I had Fallon make sure she had everything she needed. One thing that wasn’t done was the book coverings. Well, thanks to Pilot we can take care of that.



What do you need to cover a book?




Paper grocery bag


Pilot pens




So I know there are many ways of doing a book cover, and I probably did it the harder way. I cut one full side of the bag, as I knew that would fit this book (it’s small) and then folded the side over. Then cut so there wouldn’t be a top part.


Once it’s all taped up and not going anywhere, Fallon was good to start decorating to her hearts content.  She did such a great job. She drew herself taking her dog House for a walk.


Enso CreativeTools- Gel Pastels


As far as non pens go, these are by far my favorite product that Pilot has. They are so versatile. We have used them for multiple projects, and they have been amazing. One nice thing about the pastels is that they can go on any smooth surface.


The pastels don’t have covers which is fantastic. This way you don’t lose anything. All you do is twist to get the color up and with 16 super vibrant colors, you are bound to find more than a few for whatever project you are working on at the time.


Juice Paint


These markers are new to me from Pilot pen. I didn’t think this was possible as I thought I had the entire line. they are super vibrant. Just make sure you shake it before you use it. I tap it against a scrap piece of paper before using. You have 17 different colors to choose from.


Precise MarkLighter2


These highlighters are also new. Every kid needs a highlighter for back to school. These Marklighters won’t disappoint you or your kiddos at all.


FriXion ColorSticks


These have been a staple in our house for a long time. I can’t send my kiddos to school without these. I’m sure if they weren’t in their backpack they would look at me like I lost my mind. Not only do they have the best colors; 16 to be exact. You can also erase the pen if you make a mistake. That’s why we love them so much.




The G2 and G2 mini are my oldest daughter’s favorites. She can throw the mini into her pocket and you would never know as it’s so small that’s why she likes it. These have a super long-lasting life and write super smooth. You can also refill the ink if you want, so that’s a huge plus. They also have grips on the pens that make it easier to write with.


Take a look at all these products. Most can be found at Target and or Amazon so you can grab or order today for curbside pickup or prime ordering. I hope you guys have a great school year.

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  1. That's such a great idea. It really takes me back. I haven't seen book covers like that since I was a kid. I always had fun making mine.

  2. I love this idea and I am sure my daughter will be happy having this that she can be use on her online class.

  3. Love that they have a wide selection of pen variants. Our children can use these to add depth to their drawings. And a really cool idea of personalising books! This would definitely make the kids become more excited and drawn to their books.

  4. I used to decorate my books like this too when I was a kid. You brought back so many memories.

  5. I remember doing this is a kid! It was so much fun at the time. Now I kinda wish I did it with my kids, lol.

  6. I love these creative book covers! What a great way to pass time with your little ones and get their creativity flowing!

  7. What a great idea! I can imagine that it makes children read more when they decorate the book cover. I really love this project!

  8. This post brings back so many memories. I totally remember using paper grocery bags and covering my hardbound books! Pilot is such a great brand of pens as well. I remember using them way back then too! haha

  9. I personally use Pilot because it's a good brand. I'll buy a set for my niece. She'll love it!

  10. My daughter would absolutely love these, she's such a little artist. I love the versatility. It'll surely keep us busy for hours.

  11. wow, this is such a smart idea, my daughter would love to use these for her new books at school. such a fun and creative idea