Monday, December 14, 2020

Larktale Chit Chat Plus Stroller

I can’t believe Mya is already over 31 weeks into her pregnancy. Man how time flies. She’s been getting things ready for her baby boy’s arrival and one of the bigger items she needed was a stroller. I was very blessed to have Larktale send her their Chit Chat Plus Stroller for her to test out. The two biggest requirements that Mya wanted for a stroller is that she can use it right away and it be lightweight.  The Chit Chat Plus checked off both of those boxes and then some. Take a look below at some of its features.




The Chit Chat Plus is extremely lightweight for a full-size stroller. It weighs just under 18 pounds. Not only that but it folds down to fit into a very small area in your home or if you don’t have a lot of trunk space it will be perfect.


Folding is always a hot topic for strollers. We need ones that are easy to do especially if you have a crying baby or are just in a rush. I love that with just a couple buttons you can have this folded right up.


Birth and up


Unlike some strollers, you can put your newborn in this. It works from birth to 55 pounds. They do include an insert for the newborn so there is some padding around the head. Another great feature is that it tilts all the way back for your little one. Plus with their extended canopy (UPF 50+), you will get a lot of protection and extra protection with that UPF rating.




The basket on the bottom has super easy access and is waterproof, very much needed in case anything spills. There is also a mesh pocket on the back for quick access.




There are a few accessories that you can buy for this stroller. We received two of them but may come back and buy the others as they look amazing as well. The two we received were the Muff Foot and the Solar Charger.


Foot Muff


The Foot Mufff is perfect for us in WI as it's padded and wind-resistant. It’s made so that your little one will be nice and warm when it’s a little chilly out. Let’s be honest, unless it’s summer, it’s cold here, so this will be very well used.


It’s super easy to install plus the cover zips off so you can get easy access to the baby.

Solar Charger


I think this is probably the coolest accessory I have seen for a stroller and it doesn’t benefit the baby, it’s all for the parents. It’s a Solar Charger for your phone. The base attaches to the stroller handle so when you are out for your walk it charges it and your phone. The best part is, the charger itself can come off the base and you can throw it in your diaper bag and keep charging your phone. Like I said, coolest accessory huh?


Overall Mya and I are both happy with this stroller and she can’t wait for the baby to arrive in Feb, then, of course, I will be a grandma (eeek), not sure if I’m ready for that at 36 but I’ll rock the young grandma thing.


Check out the stroller on their site and see if it could be good for you or maybe even a baby shower gift for someone you know that’s expecting.

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  13. Mama Maggie's KitchenWednesday, December 16, 2020

    This Chit Chat Plus stroller is awesome! I wish this was available when my son is still a baby. But this stroller will be a perfect gift for soon to be moms.

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