Sunday, December 13, 2020

Sack Cloth and Ashes gives to kids in Foster care

I don’t hide the fact that I was adopted as it’s a big part of who I am, and a lot of things have happened that shouldn’t happen to anyone, but I can’t dwell on it or let if define me.  What I can do is take those memories and have them help others in similar situations. That’s what the people at Sack Cloth and Ashes are doing and it warms my heart.

I remember being picked up from a home once and having all my belongings fit into a paper grocery bag. Nothing was new, everything was handed down a few times over. That’s how it was for me when I was in foster care, and I know it’s still that way for so many. Can you imagine all your kid's toys, and clothes fitting into ONE paper grocery bag? I’ve moved a couple of times with my kids and they are very blessed to have a lot of toys and clothes and a need or want for anything. That’s just not the case for so many in the country or world for that matter.


Sack Cloth and Ashes have a new line of blankets that are just for kids that are beyond adorable. The best part is that for every purchase, they will give one book (Everyone is Someone) and a blanket to a child in foster care. I know what it would have meant to me when I was younger to have something that is mine and only mine and not a hand me down.


Each blanket is Italian made and 100% from recycled material. It’s beautiful, and with many options to choose from for designs, I’m sure you will find one you like.


It makes me so happy to see Fallon snuggle up in her bed with the blanket and read the book Everyone is Someone


The book is very simple yet profound. It’s telling you that no matter how rich or poor, young or old that everyone is someone and we all need love. This is so true and a great book for all kids especially in the system.


Please check out the blankets and book on their site. Stack clothing and ashes also have adult size blankets as well. They all make for great Christmas gifts and remember you are also buying gifts for another child at the same time.


Do you have a connection with adoption?

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  1. Love their mission!! Very cool.

  2. I love hearing about companies that give back. What an important initiative!