Saturday, May 29, 2021

#PurpleSpringUp with Purple's Cushions and Amazing sales

Do you sit a lot for your job or leisure? Being a blogger I do and let me tell you, I need help sometimes with hard chairs. If you saw my Instagram account, you would see that I recently stopped by the furniture store and tried out a Purple cushion. While the store only had one option to try, It felt so amazing and I ordered one.


Since I sit for long periods of time I needed something that withstood that. Turns out the Purple Royal Seat cushion was just the one for me.


I recently had hand surgery, so I took some time off for some self-care. During this time, I broke out my 5D Diamond Painting and worked on that (only needed one hand for that). Having the cushion was a huge help. It definitely allowed me to sit at the table longer than I normally would. I highly recommend getting one as the 100% Purple Grid is designed for 5-8 hours of sit time.


It also comes with a cushion cover which helps make it super comfortable. It’s super easy to get on and off if you need to wash it. Nothing irks me more when it comes to covers that you can’t take off and wash.


While you are looking at this seat cushion, you need to check out the other amazing Memorial Day sales they have going on. I’m talking huge sales like the ones below:


·   $400 off mattress + bundle Up to $200 off bundle*: - $200 off 2 Harmony, P Sheets, Protector; 

·   $175 off 2 Purple, P Sheets, Protector; $150 off 2 Plush, P Sheets, Protector; 

·   $150 off 1 Harmony, P Sheets, Protector *Upgrade options to SoftStretch Sheets Twin Bundles

·   $150 off 1 Harmony, Soft Stretch Twin Sheets, Mattress Protector;

·   $125 off 1 Purple Pillow, Soft Stretch Twin Sheets, Mattress Protector Kid Mattress

·   $125 off 1 Purple Pillow, Kid Sheets, Protector; 

·   $100 off 1 Kid Pillow, Kid Sheets, Protector


Fallon has one of the kid’s beds and she loves it. I haven’t gotten her the sheets yet but with these sales, but I will probably do that as it’s hard to pass up a deal like these.  


I know in times like these we can’t always get to the store, I totally get it. With Purple you can order everything online, even their mattresses and have it sent directly to you. Thus skipping the store completely. These sales are good through June 8th, so I would make sure you check them out now.

What is your favorite Purple product?

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  1. Oh, wow! Those are great deals! I'll have to check them out.

  2. This is such a great sale. I've been hearing so much about Purple Mattress lately, and I've been seriously considering giving them a try. Now seems like the perfect time.

  3. I need this, too! I sit for a long time because of work and also because I blog. It can get really uncomfortable when I sit too long.

  4. I didn't know there was a Purle seat cushion. I might need to check that out -- we are always at our desks and need some support!

  5. We are in chairs all day! We would definitely love to try this out. Thank you for putting the pricing up!

  6. Reposting above comment with name. We are in chairs all day! We would definitely love to try this out. Thank you for putting the pricing up!

  7. What a neat product. It is nice to find ways to be more comfortable like this.

  8. oh my, I am in the market for a better office chair, because that darn thing is so hard on my bum, maybe this pillow would be a cheaper option? Thanks for the idea - blessings

  9. I have heard their products are great. I have been thinking about getting one of their mattresses.

  10. Wow this sounds like a great product will have to look into it.

  11. I might have to check that out. I currently sit on an old boppy. lol

  12. This cushion sounds amazing, and perfect for so many of us that have to sit for long periods of time! I love that you can wash the cover.

  13. I do sit a lot at my computer so this cushion would be great to have.

  14. I am surprised it is a Purple Mattress. I would love to sleep in a bed but misc healthy problem have me in a lift recliner makes it easier for me ot sleep

  15. This looks like a fantastic cushion to have