Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Your Car Will Run Better with Techron

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If you guys have read my other auto posts (please do so), then you know that I do a lot of research when it comes to what I put into my car and use for it. I’m just not in the know, so I need to put the work in to learn. If you are like me then hi, and welcome to the club. I want to tell you that you need the best of the best for your car. There is nothing worse than putting all that money into something that you depend on and not use the best. Am I right? With that said, did you know that you should use a fuel additive? I legit didn’t know this until a couple years ago (car people don’t come at me please). Who’s the best? Well that would be Techron hands down. Let me tell you all about it…

Thank you Dan for all your help with the cars :) 

I have a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica that has about 39,000 miles on it and Dan has a 2016 Chevy Equinox with about 96,000 miles. Since there are big differences in miles I knew we would need two different products. For my van I needed the Techron® Complete Fuel System Cleaner, but for Dan’s car he needed the Techron® High Milage Fuel System Cleaner which is recommended for cars over 75,000 miles.

My biggest question when looking at a fuel system cleaner was when I was supposed to add it. This part is easy if you have a car with under 75,000 miles. Simply use the Techron CFSC once every season. For cars like Dan’s, it’s recommended every 1,000 miles. You don’t need to pop the hood and find a special place to pour it. It goes right into your gas tank. It’s seriously that easy. One tip, make sure you have low gas in your tank before you put it in, then fill up. 

My car gets used a lot as I'm going to a lot of appointments all over the state of Wisconsin. So, I need to take care of it. Knowing that I have the best takes one worry off my shoulders. I know that when I'm using Techron in my car it will help clean up any harmful carbon deposits that have built up from driving around so much. It also cleans the fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers (ALL very important parts of our cars). This will keep our cars running the way they were really meant to. Not only that, but it will help maximize the fuel economy so that is a win win in my book. 

Being in Wisconsin a lot of us store our not so snow friendly cars for the winter or what seems like 9 months of the year. If you use the Techron HiMi it will help stabilize fuel for up to 12 months and keep that fuel fresher for you. If you are in a cold snowy state like mine and do put a car in storage, I highly recommend adding this to your tank before putting her away for the winter. 

So, I'm the queen of buying a lot of something I love that I know I will use. I know I'm not the only one who does that. The great thing with Techron CFSC and Techron HiMi is that it they both have a shelf life of up to 5 years. So you can stock up to use it when you need it and not worry about running out or it going bad before you use it. 

Head over to Techron to learn more about the other must-have products that make your car run more efficiently.

To be honest, when was the last time you added a fuel additve to your car?! 

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  1. I have to get this for our car. It's about 10 years old, so anything we can do to help keep it running smoothly is important to me.

  2. It's important to know that miles do make a difference as to which products to use. Glad you mentioned it.

  3. I have never heard of a product like this. So interesting! I will have to look into this.

  4. I think every car owners should own this product. Can't wait to have my first car.

  5. Oh yes we all need this for our cars! So important!

  6. I'm not much of a car person, but this is interesting. When I own a car, definitely will need to pay attention to oil. I will share this with my friend because he has the same car as this

  7. I need to get me some! Very cool!

  8. I will tell the technician in my near garage to try this. Looks good for my car.