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Thank you for your interest in advertising with Top Notch Material Blog! The Nurse Mommy was founded by The Nurse Mommy, Paige. The Nurse Mommy has grown and become a contributory blog that is written by three health-minded moms that has been going strong since September 2008. It changed names in 2014 to Top Notch Material. Think of us as your best girlfriends- telling stories about our children, giving honest critiques of products, providing fabulous giveaways. Because we are such a diverse group, we are sure to offer reviews and giveaways of products that interest everyone! We love to blog!

There is a great diversity among the readers of Top Notch Material Blog. Our average readers are women between 25-40 years of age, expecting or already have children. In addition, we do have a unique following of readers that have had weight loss surgery, as some of our editors have undergone weight loss surgery. Also, one of our editors is an extremely active advocate in the weight loss surgery community, which brings many followers to our page.
We focus on family friendly posts. We like to think that anything we publish would be something we would not be embarrassed for our children or mothers to read. We discuss family, home, health, wellness and beauty, baby and toddler products, cooking and food, household items, pet items, electronics, even health and weight loss items; though other types of products or services would be considered. We recently ran a survey and learned that our readers would like to see more baby/toddler products and health /beauty items for moms. We also love to provide product reviews for the men in our lives, so don't count those out!

While our numbers are growing on a daily basis, this is an approximation based on the average of recent activity. 

1 Million+ monthly page views
200,000+unique monthly visitors
21,000+ twitter followers
11,000+ facebook followers
16,000+ Pinterest followers
11,000+ Instagram followers

We thank you for your interest in advertising with Top Notch Material. We will only place family friendly advertisements.We will not place any ads that discriminate based on gender, age, race or sexual orientation. We will not post spam advertisements. Discounts available for a year paid in advance.

Contact  Katrina to discuss advertisement placement!

Please provide a full-size item for review valued at least $150 (exceptions can be made if agreed upon before product ships), multiple items can be combined to fulfill this value. The item is to be shipped at the expense of the sponsor. Sample sizes are not adequate to fully test a product and give our best feedback. Once an item is received for review, it becomes sole property of the reviewer and will not be returned under any circumstances. We will only review items that are family friendly, and we reserve the right to approve or decline any item submitted for consideration. 
Review turn around time varies depending on the type of product, though is generally between 2-6 weeks, unless timeline is previously discussed or if the product is for a special event. Review posts will include a company introduction and product description, multiple pictures, our review of the product(s), and  links to your company. We ask that you provide a high resolution image of your logo, as well as any additional photos to include in the giveaway. However, these photos will be subject to approval, based upon the bloggers' preference. In addition, you may suggest keywords, though we cannot guarantee that we will be able to all suggested keywords in the post, as with photos provided, keyword use will be subject to approval. In addition, we highly encourage providing a discount code for our readers to increase your conversion from our post.
We will provide you with the link to the review once it is live, and will promote the review on our social media sites to give your product the exposure it deserves. Please note, we provide honest opinions of the products we receive. We oftentimes post pros and cons of products, and this is not what we consider a negative post, just our way of providing honest feedback. We will not publish a completely negative review. In the event we cannot provide a positive review, we will contact you to further discuss our concerns regarding the product, prior to publishing the review. If we are unable to contact you, we will place the review on hold until we are able to discuss the matter. In the event that you are providing a service and we have some negative feedback, please understand, we will highlight the positive points of your service, but will give honest feedback, as our readers value our integrity. 

If you would to sponsor a giveaway without a review contact  Katrina to discuss fees that would be involved with the time preparing the post and advertising your product. This fee may be increased with giveaways that require a considerable amount of coordination and promotion. 
All contests with a value of $50 or under stay up for minimum 7-14 days. All contests with a value of $51 or over will stay up for a minimum of 14-21 days, though in some cases this time frame is extended to provide your company with maximal exposure. Giveaways with a value over $150 will include an additional promotional package.
All giveaways will be advertised on social media to maximize exposure, as well as providing high value extra entries for our entrants to interact and follow your social networking pages. Please note: according to Google Terms of Service, we cannot include Google + as giveaway entry, and are not allowed according to Facebook Terms Of Service to utilize a page "Like" as a mandatory option, but can include it as optional. In addition, we can provide a mandatory entry for visiting your website with a request to let us know something they've learned about your company, something they would pick if they won, or something else of your choosing.
We use  Giveaway Tools for entry method. Once the giveaway has commenced, winners will be chosen via We ensure the winning entry is verified. Once verified, the winner has 48 hours to respond to their notification email. In the event they do not respond to their email, another winner is chosen. Once we receive the winner's information, we will then email you with their mailing address and other necessary information for prize fulfillment. *Please note: we will not provide a list of all entrants' email addresses for giveaways. Only the winner's information will be provided. If the prize needs to be shipped, shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the sponsor.

If you would like us to write an article about your company, site or service, our rate for this service varies based on requested minimum word count, time frame requested and level of advertisement requested. We will provide a post with a minimum of 200 words. Also we will gladly post any press releases or articles with content provided in full. Post that include numerous photos or video content may incur additional charge. The rate may be increased based upon the type, length of content or time frame or increased urgency in timeline for publication regarding the post. In addition, all pre-written content will be reviewed and must be approved prior to publication, as to ensure the post meets our standards and guidelines. We will not publish any content that has tones of discrimination of gender, age, race or sexual orientation. Contact  Katrina for rates or if your interested in one to write a post.

We accept payment via paypal.

We will post a disclosure on ALL sponsored post content, reviews, giveaways and disclose all relationships in accordance with Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”Asking us to make exceptions to these terms is in direct violation of the FTC guidelines.
We value our readers' privacy and will only provide information when given their explicit consent. In order to provide our readers with maximum privacy, we will not provide or sell a listing of giveaway entrants or their email addresses.

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