Monday, June 1, 2009

Moms of Toddlers- perfect diaper bag

I just found the PERFECT purse for moms with only toddlers. You know when you get to that age when you do not have to pack the whole pantry but just a few snacks, sippies, diapers, and a bib? Those things do not fit all that nicely into a regular purse, plus you have to give up the nifty side pockets that a diaper bag offers(the BIGGEST thing I missed when I gave up my diaper bag) well.....I just bought this purse from Vera Bradley

I got this pattern bc it was soooo darn cheap (not exactly my favorite print but hey at $25 versus $90- I'm all for it) and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!! I Thought you all might be interested.

I call it my MINI-diaper bag. It has all the functionality of a diaper bag but in a smaller you can still be a purse carrying mama, only with practicality! It has the side pockets for sippies, the large zip pocket in the back for snacks and bibs...even a change of clothes and several other outside pockets plus interior ones! What more could a mom of toddlers need in a purse?

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