Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Child Can Read using Intellectual Baby!

Okay, before I can even do this review I have to admit to a bit of a mom jealousy of mine! I have this really good online friend of mine. We went through our pregnancies together and her little boy was born exactly a week after mine. Developmentally they were pretty much the same until recently, then her little boy just took off leaps and bounds ahead of mine. He is talking more, knows all his colors, and he even knows all of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet! Yup, it made me a little jealous, even though I KNOW that babies learn at their own pace…not to judge your little one next to someone else’s baby…blah blah blah! Still, I did! So that’s when I started researching all of the baby developmental programs that I could. When I happened across Intellectual Baby I was very intrigued. They agreed to send me the starter reading kit which includes a Monki See video and all four sets of Monki See Flash Cards.
My little man is absolutely IN LOVE with his Monki See video! He can literally sit in his chair and watch it over and over again! It takes a lot to holds my little mans attention for that long! The video is very entertaining, with lots of colors, animals, and other children in the video. Here is a pic of little man absolutely loving his video and this was taken the second time the video was played! (please ignore the dust bunnies under my entertainment center-I didn’t notice them till the picture was taken lol)
Every morning over my little mans oatmeal we go through the flashcards and they also hold my little mans attention. He is beginning to point out certain shapes, colors, and items that he knows. I have seriously noticed his vocabulary expanding as well! Its not just me either but my mom took him out for the day yesterday and came home to report back to me that he was saying all kinds of new words! I can definitely attest to the fact that this program from Intellectual Baby works and really opens up your child to learning all sorts of new things!!

Intellectual Baby is offering my readers 25% off of everything in their store except the reading kits since they are already incredibly discounted! Just enter 25%Madness into the promotional code area when checking out!


  1. That's how Lucas is. He did everything so quick, rolling over, crawling, walking.. Until it came down to colors and everything. It's hard to keep his attention.. I wish it wasn't so expensive. I would love to buy it.. But I can't afford it lol.. I'm glad you found something that works for Audy! He looks so cute sitting in his chair in stance lol

  2. Bobby is 5 months old and can't get enough of this video! He is laughs and giggles every time he watches it. He also starts to cry right before it's over! I can't wait to see how quickly he will be reading. The promo code works as well. I just bought some more flashcards. This is much better than Your baby can read and more affordable!

  3. Thanks for the promo code. it worked!