Friday, July 24, 2009

Natures Resource Review


I admit to not being as green as I should be. I am working on that..I really am. Especially with having a toddler that is into everything, it is important. We all know that green cleaners are not only safer but much better for the environment. I was lucky enough to get a few bottles of the Nature’s Source All Purpose Cleaner to review and it is great. It works just as well as ALL of my “chemical cleaners” and with prices that are comparable; it just makes sense to go natural right??

I have used my cleaner on my windows, mirrors, counters and even my floor. My little man is constantly dropping his sippy cup and spilling juice all over the floor and spraying a little Nature’s Source all purpose cleaner is tons easier than lugging out the mop! It works on everything!! When cleaning my mirrors, I honestly only had to wipe ones…and away it came with a streak free shine.

This stuff is honestly GREAT! It cleans just about anything and cleans it well!
You can use the cleaner for (info from Natures Source website):
Appliances Glazed ceramic tile
Cabinets - Hubcaps
Chrome - Porcelain surfaces
Countertops - Showers
Fiberglass - Sinks
Floors - Stainless steel
Garbage cans - Tubs

I definitely recommend trying out Natures Source for your self. Do something great for the environment and for your home by using natural all purpose cleaners by Natures Source.

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  1. Sounds like a terrific product -- thanks for the review, something that cleans well and is good for the envoronment, a perfect "solution". :-)