Wednesday, September 2, 2009

If you value education Brainy Baby is for you!


My little man loves to learn! I am very proud of how far we have come because before his second birthday he could spell his name, knew all his colors, and knows most shapes. So, anything that I can find to help him expand his knowledge is wonderful to me! He likes nothing more than educational DVDs and books. We are slowly integrating flash cards into his learning as well.

So, when I discovered Brainy Baby I was really excited! They were kind enough to send me two DVDs, a book, and flash cards for little man!


Little man got the shapes and colors flash cards. As I stated above he already knows his colors, but the shapes flashcards are very helpful. We are able to look at it and see a red triangle and then they show items that are triangular shape. So, you might see a red kite. I think this is wonderful to incorporate learning into everyday life.

We also got the brainy baby animals board book which little man loves! He absolutely adores going over his animals and even making the animal sounds. This book definitely captures his interest and allows for some good mommy/little man time.

We also got the ABCs and Sign Language DVDs that little man just loves. I particularly love the ABCs DVD. I will put it on while I am cooking dinner and I will hear A,B,C,D…. coming from the living room. He sits there completely intrigued with all of the people and characters on this wonderfully made, high quality video.

It is so fun to educate children! I get the biggest thrill out of knowing that I have taught him what he knows and now I have some terrific tools to help reiterate what we go over! I highly recommend Brainy Baby to anyone that values their little ones education!


  1. There are so many wonderful board books out there! Mother Goose is another great one because of the rhymes. What I Love About You is another one babies will love, and you'll love reading to him/her -- catchy rhymes, bright colors, and a nurturing, loving theme.

  2. I would love to have these for my son!