Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shop Vincent shoes for your back to school needs!


I am definitely a shoe addicted mom! I am wild over any stylish urban toddler shoes that I can find! It’s so bad that my two year old little BOY absolutely loves shoes as well. He is very fascinated with browsing the shoe isle and has no problem letting you know it when he finds a shoe he loves!

So, working with a fantastic company like Vincent Shoes is something that I love to do!! This past summer little man got a fantastic pair of sandals to review and he has worn them all summer long. They are still in fantastic shape even though they were one of my favorite pairs of shoes for him to wear. So, the quality of Vincent Shoes is amazing!!


Vincent Shoes recently contacted me to review their fall line of shoes. Even though I had a HARD time deciding with all the wonderful styles of toddler and children’s shoes that Vincent offers, I eventually chose the Melvin. Let me tell you, these stylish lower cut boots are made to last! The soles are flexible and the shoe itself is made mostly of leather! You absolutely cannot go wrong with these shoes!!

Vincent Shoes is a wonderful place to shop if you are looking for cute, stylish and functional shoes that are made to last! The customer service at this store is also phenomenal, so make sure to bookmark them and talk a browse around! Also, be sure to keep checking back here for a wonderful give away of a pair of these shoes!


  1. Those are super cute! I just love the rainboots. Thanks for the great review.

  2. Awww, Vincent Shoes are so cute, I've never tried them with my kiddos before, but I think I just might!

  3. I really like those, great review!