Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is YOUR crazy cleaning confession??

As a mom, I have learned to adopt some quirky cleaning habits to save myself time and to get my house a little cleaner. I have two slightly odd confessions that I do. My first always makes people smile when they are at my house and see me doing this but trust me, it gets my floors soooo much cleaner and saves me a lot of energy. See, I had a major problem with mops. I tried just about every kind of mop available and just have not been happy with the results. Then I discovered if I just mixed a little cleaner and warm water in a cup and pour it directly onto the tile I could then grab a towel and dance around the kitchen! Silly yes, but my floor is sparkling and I have fun doing it. Now my little man has joined in and jumped on the back of the towel and we “choo choo train” around the kitchen!

The second isn’t quite as quirky but it does save me a lot of time. I simply pour a cup of bleach in the bath tub and fill with water and let it sit for a couple hours. Then I drain it, and it is so easy to wipe the residue off, and my tub is sparkling clean. It saves a lot of time over the back breaking process I used to do…scrubbing it with a brillo pad and then applying cleaner and rinsing it all down. I still do that, just a lot less then what I used to.
Kenmore is offering a really COOL contest right now called, “Crazy Cleaning Confessions.” All you have to do is submit a video on YouTube/Kenmore of your quirkiest cleaning habits to be entered to win a new washer/dryer OR dishwasher from Kenmore! I really think I am going to enter my dancing floor mopping thing….at least it would cause a little laugh right? Do you want to know something that is even MORE wonderful about this contest? For every video submitted, Kenmore is going to donate $5 to Jane Goodall Institute’s Roots and Shoots. They are also going to donate $.50 for every video viewed (up to $25k). How terrific is that!! Not only are you entering to win, you can help a charitable organization too! Even if you do not have any idea’s to submit, just by watching the video’s, having a laugh at some of the sillier ones, or getting some great tips from other ladies that KNOW how to clean…you can still help this charitable cause!
Please see the rules and dates: Here

“I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Kenmore and received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

So, while we are on the subject, tell me what is some of the craziest cleaning measures you have ever taken to get your chores done???


  1. Not real quirky but a good way to make cleaning easy on ME is to hand Olivia (3) a clorox cleaning wipe and let her go to town. She does a pretty good job and loves to help and I don't have to bend and reach to get her little table or the cabinet doors clean any more :o)

  2. Haha, you're fun! I don't think I'm that creative when it comes to cleaning.

    Does it count that I use my daughter's bath water to flush the toilet and mop the floors? I do it to save water.

  3. Oh, wow. Don't get me started. I am crazy anal with cleaning. I also have never found a mop I liked, so I scrub all the floors and baseboards by hand at least once a month and use the swifter mop in between. When I clean my fridge I take everything out and clean all the bottles in the door. When I clean the tub and shower I also wash all of the shampoo, conditioner, body wash bottles. I move my couch and sweep and mop underneath it once a week but that's mainly because we have 2 cats. I wash the curtains in my house once month, use lots of fabric softener and then let them hang dry back on their rods. The house smells great for days. When I was lucky enough to have a neighbor with a steam vac I did that at least once a month. I clean the plate in the microwave almost every single time before I use it. I could go on and on. I'm borderline crazy about cleanliness.

  4. Ha ha! I hear ya on the bathtub thing. Mine has jets in it, so I fill it up and throw in a dishwasher tablet (as well as a glug of bleach) and turn the jets on high for about 1/2 hour. Empty it and give it a quick wipe to shine it up!
    To clean cobwebs or dust in higher places I use a pair of chopsticks with a dirty sock tied around them.
    I've also been known to take my big area rug to the carwash so I can use the high pressure soap to clean it.
    My girls also like to lint roller the cat so there aren't big clumps of cat hair everywhere from brushing him.

  5. I think of you and Lil' Man dancing around the kitchen on towels as hysterical! I really think you should tape it and submit it, I'd vote for you!
    I do the same with the tub, and like Charlene, I have jets, so I use a diswasher tablet and turn them on to clean the jets, but I also use a cold water rinse.
    In between baths, I wipe down with Mr. Clean wipes, right before I get out, they are terrific.
    Plus I love the Clorox wipes.
    My best tip is that The Hubs does most of the cleaning!!

  6. I have a confession... I sometimes wear things 3-5 times without washing if it doesn't have soils or stains and doesn't smell. I'm gonna enter. Anyone else going to do it? I have to hurry since it ends on Sept 6th. Thank goodness it doesn't take long to enter!

  7. I like the finalist named "1contestant"

    Their video is called "cleaning confession for the kenmore contest"