Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is the matter with my blog?

I am having serious issues loading my blog. Is anyone else having the same issues loading my page? If you are have you ever had this problem and do you know how to fix it? HELP! My Christmas Event is coming up. This is NOT good!


  1. I have had a problem loading your page for at least a week. Usually I click on the link in my email, and then I got back and do a few other things so when I come back it is set. I am so sorry you are having problems, but glad you still at least do load up. :)

  2. It seems to be so much better today! It was taking a looooong time to load, but would eventually come up. Today is good!

  3. I used to have trouble, but I got a new laptop with Windows 7 which is much faster. I have NO problems loading anybody's blogs lately.
    Your's is one of the fastests, now.