Saturday, April 10, 2010

There is nothing more annoying...

than people that make comments about my little boy in a negative manner. Okay, he is two and a half. Won't even be three till August 17! Can he OR I help it that he is 40 inches tall and 42 pounds. YES!! He is the size of the average 4 year old...and guess what? He will be a LARGE man. According to his growth curve, its looking very possible he will hit 6'4, which I think is cool. will not believe the comments I get. Going into the aquarium in Gatlinburg, Tn with him in a stroller "That KID IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE WALKING" okay, first off, how is MY CHILD your business?? Secondly, what if he was disabled....and DARNIT, he is TWO!!! I don't want him to run into the streets of Gatlinburg so seriously, just shut up.

Taking him to the ER the other day, he wanted his paci. YES...MY SON still loves his paci. I know some may disagree, but I must stress the MY SON part.....and geez, honestly, you would think that I had chopped someones head off for the looks I get. Yes, I realize it looks like I have a 4 year old with a paci, but people just need to be a little less judgemental.

Lets not even begin to talk about the mall play area. Oh MY!! That is just horrible and I avoid the place now. YES..AGAIN...he looks older....YES he is bigger....but he is TWO AND HE PLAYS LIKE A TWO YEAR OLD. If you took 5 seconds to watch he runs, how he talks, how he will know he is two and not four. So please, stop with the dirty looks when he plays with your kids JUST LIKE THEY ARE PLAYING. Seriously. He is a baby.

Oh and please spare me from the lectures when I tell you he is 42 lbs. Seriously. I could care less that your 6 year old is 44lbs. Come and pinch an inch of fat anywhere on his body.....then tell me I need to put him on a diet. My baby is solid and TALL.....NOT FAT.
Yes, its one of those days...... :) How was yours?


  1. It's good to let steam out about it :)

    And I understand completely. I'm 19, and 5'0. I've always been small. I was 5 lbs 6 oz when I was born. People are always like "Aren't you too young to do this (or that)?"
    But I've never seemed to understand why it'd be anyone's business what I do and if I'm "old enough" for their liking.

  2. My mom went through the same with me. I was as big as a four year old when I was 2. She said she got dirty looks all the time. The funny thing is that I did not grow for a while after that so by the time I started kindergarten at 4 1/2 I was the smallest kid in class and always was

  3. AMEN!!!! I hear all that! My sons get that all the time - especially when they are near me (I'm only 5'1 - on a good day). My 6 year old is almost as tall as me - sigh.

    Here's a funny. We live in a pretty conservative place - my eldest son is adopted - he is mixed. When he was 2 months old - I had a lady tell me I shouldn't leave him out in the without sunscreen - I didn't know whether to laugh or get really, really angry. I also had a lady tell my husband at Wal-mart that he was a forgiving man - EXCUSE ME!!!!!

    We all have those days - just laugh that's all you can do.

  4. Paige do not mind other people, my kid is a lot smaller than normal 4 year olds, and even then I get crap, you will never win, just raise your son the way you think is good and nothing else matters

  5. Paige if it makes you feel any better, people are going to complain about something no matter what it is. With Alyssa I get to hear how short she is (like I can control that, I'm short and so is her dad), with Mia I get to hear about how her hair is too curly (again like I have any control over that) and with Andrew I get to hear, he's too skinny he needs to eat more. I can't force the kid to eat when he doesn't want to plus he just burns calories quicker. Just shrug off the comments, someone will ALWAYS find something to complain about.

  6. Totally understand, though mine's the opposite. My daughter is TALL and thin. My son is SMALL for his age. Nobody believes me when I tell them how old the kids are... and yet, they both "act older" than they are. It can definitely be a challenge at times!

  7. I'm sorry your having a bad day :) and your son's adorable!

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  9. You are right, it is absolutely no one's business. I let someone one push me into a direction that was ultimately negative for my child and it ended up not being a good thing. Daycares are the worst for this...I worked in several and no matter the parents' opinion, the workers will take away pacifiers when THEY deem it best. I've seen some play one parent against the other, too. You know your child better than anyone...stick to your guns and ignore the naysayers. I didn't breastfeed my child but I've heard many stories about women getting subjected to the opinions of others about when a child should be weaned. Subjected is really too nice a word...pummeled would be more like it.

  10. I wish we lived close together so your little boy and my little boy could play together. Lil Man turned three in January and he is the size of a 5 year old. He's a big little boy but gosh darn it all ... he's three years old ... NOT 5 and he's going to do toddler stuff ... and it's OK that's he's a big little boy ... he's not fat ... he's a solid chunk of muscle and I love every inch and pound of my precious big little three year old boy!
    I know exactly what you are talking about :-) We will remind these folks about their rash comments some day ... when our big little boys are star linebackers for the Superbowl champions!!

  11. Oh that's horrible that people say that stuff! What is wrong with them!?