Saturday, April 10, 2010

HELP to renew my google/blogger domain name.

The beginning of next month is the time for me to renew my domain name, and I cannot for the LIFE of me find how to renew it. I dont want it to get scooped up by someone else....and need to do this like NOW! Can somone help please?


  1. Interesting, I didn't know you had to renew a google/blogger name. Let me check with one of my blogger friends who has been here a while.

    Also, you are not referring to your name right? That you renew with whatever company you purchased. So for me, it would be GoDaddy.

  2. Yes, our blogger names are renewed at GoDaddy.

  3. Your blogger name and domain name are two separate things. The domain [] is basically a redirect to your blogger account. That being said, who did you buy your domain name from? Renew from them.

  4. on blogger.... I bought it directly through them

  5. Hi, Paige - Here's some info I found for you in case you still need it. Good luck!