Monday, May 3, 2010

We are moving..

Many of you ar regulars that have followed me through the whole toxic drywall saga, and us leaving our home. When we moved we just took the first apartment available because we were in a panic. Well, since moving our electric has been outrageous...I am talking to the sum of about $500 a month in the WINTER IN FLORIDA. This apartment is drafty and old, but has served its purpose and I have met some amazing friends here. However, it seems this whole drywall thing is not going to be settled anytime soon, and we will be renting for longer than I ever anticipated. So, we went and talked to our apartment managers and we will be moving to the property next door. These are townhomes and are much more "homey" We will get a 3bdr/3ba townhome and the total will only be about $250 more a month because they include free cable, and the electric will be much cheaper than here. So, we are excited for the move....and will hopefully be moving by the weekend. So, if I am not around as know why. This is the floorplan on the new place. Im excited :-) Its only about 150 sqft less than our home we had to leave and its about 400sqft more than the place we are in now.

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