Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you believe in Signs from Above?

I know this question really involves someones personal convictions, so feel free NOT to answer me if you wish...but do you think that sometimes...just sometimes we get signs from above. Or do you think that maybe a loved one you lost sends you little messages to let you know they are there?

I ask because, after my dad died all I wanted was a dream of him. Well, one day shortly after he died, I got it. I WAS A MESS! I don't think I was ready for it, and it made the loss of him more real, more permament in my mind. However, after that dream (and I might add I have never had another of him) I began to find these cigar butts. Cigar butts just like the kind that he used to smoke....on my most stressful days. When I called out to God, and my human father in need...these butts just appeared. I know, I know...of all the things. I've heard of people seeing daisies..and birds, but haha mine is cigar butts. So, on Father's Day, I of course was missing him a little more than usual. That steady ache was a little more raw, but I was focused on having a good time with my little family. That evening we headed to the park, and I look down...and YEP! Daddy was there with me! I know its him. Always have, and will always continue to believe that that is the sign to me that he is watching over me.

So, on to the "signs from above" part. We are researching preschool for little man. Just part time. Simply for socialization. I had it narrowed down to two. That actually explains WHY we were at said park. It was across the street from this preschool at the local Methodist church, and on the spur of the moment we decided to play at the park. So...the cigar being there, kind of made that preschool feel a little more "right." I am hesitant about school in general (you may recall me posting about wanting to homeschool)-especially at this early age. Anywho..seeing the cigar made me think this might be the right place. Tonight, I get an email back from the preschool-and what is the ladies last name that runs it? Watson. That just so happens to be my maiden name, and of course my Daddy's last name. Now, the preschool is feeling even more "right."

So, whats the vote? Am I nuts? Am I "reaching" for something that is not there. Or does some part of you deep down, feel the same as me? That we can get signs from above??


  1. So sorry about your Dad,, but yes I TOTALLY believe is signs from above. Sometimes they are more obvious than others, but I truly believe in it.

    I hope you son will enjoy the day care - what are the chances that it's a Watson just like you? I would say slim to none! Unless you live in a town with with only your relatives.

    Take care, and say a little prayer every time you see those butts. Your dad's closer than you think.


  2. I truly believe in signs from above. I'm so happy that your dad is still with you. That's beautiful.

    And yes, that preschool is the way to go.

  3. I'm a very intuitive person so I tend to see "things" everywhere. I don't know if they are real or if it is me projecting them. I am not even sure if I believe that God really exerts power on our daily lives although I pray every day for guidence in my life and for help for my friends during times of need and to watch over my son in Afghanistan.
    Whatever these "signs" are, if they bring you comfort in your times of stress than they are beautiful and you should keep looking for them and don't worry about what anyone says to you about them. Big Hugs to you!!