Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glamour Girl from the Stars empowers young girls to have positive self esteems!

“GLAMOUR GIRL FROM THE STARS-- Out of this world rhyming story about a 3 foot tall alien girl named Plee-Dee who borrows her father's flying saucer to visit Earth hoping to enter the Miss Universe Pageant in LA. She visits different cultures around the world realizing she feels good about herself without having to enter pageants. The book intends to teach little girls self esteem. Illustrations in colored pencil and photos from the author.”

I was lucky enough to receive this great book from the author Carlton Scott! Okay, so I realize that this is technically a girl’s book, and when I first got it, I fully anticipated donating it to the place that I work…so that the little girls could read it. However, my son had other plans. We are BIG on reading in our house and he has a TON of books….I mean a lot…way more than we will probably ever read, and he just keeps coming back to Glamour Girl from the Stars!

This book was written to help young girls develop a wonderful self esteem, no matter what they look like. Carlton Scott uses cute colored pencil drawings and photographs that he took to really draw the reader into the book. The rhyming words allow me, a lifelong Dr.Seuss fan, to really enjoy reading the book to my son.

We were also lucky enough to get to try out two other books written from Carlton Scott and I was equally impressed with both. If YOU want to be impressed with the author himself, you should know he donates HALF of all of all profits to children’s hospitals!! Way to go Carlton, You ROCK! To make this fantastic deal even better, all books are signed by the author.

Check out Carltons Scotts website C’s Books for Kids to get your own signed copy and help him make those donations to Children’s Hospitals!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Glamour Girl from the Stars from C's Books for Kids, along with two other childrens books for review.

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