Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bit'z Kids brings edgy Japanese Style to NYC!

My little man has to be a fashinisto when he grows up. If he isn’t he has missed his calling…because his Mom is trying her hardest to make him one! I spend so much time scouring the net for CUTE, unique kid’s clothes and love it when I find the perfect store! I can happily tell you, I have found yet another such store! Bitz Kids offers the CUTEST clothes. They are Japanese clothes sold in NYC so of course they all offer an edgy look! I am honestly in love and so is little man! We were lucky enough to get an adorable outfit from them for review! The Sweat Lib Comfy Denim is sooo cute, and I love the stretch waist. It keeps the jeans from digging into little man. We also got Skull Tee which is super cute, and definitely make little man look extra hip! These clothes are made of excellent quality!! Look how cute little man looks in his new outfit:

As far as sizing, I might buy a size up. The shirt fit great, and it is a size 5/6 which is what he usually wears. However, usually a 5/6 is a touch baggy on him and not this one. The jeans were also a 5/6 and maybe a tad too short. However, that could just be because I have a HUGE little man....and to think he is not even three yet!

If he didn’t have so many clothes I would definitely be getting him the Striped Sweat Shorts..or heck, I might still get them! I love how absolutely adorable they are! Don’t you agree?

Buy It!
If you put a lot of value on having a fashionable kiddo like I do, you should MOST definitely be checking out Bit’z Kids! They appear to be having a pretty great sale going on right now too!


  1. Awe, that is adorable!!
    I love it!


  2. So cute... he looks great in that outfit and I'm sure you have him on the right track to be a
    real "sharp dressed man!"