Monday, July 19, 2010

Mineral Hygenics- fantastic makeup for even the most sensitive skin!

I love makeup, and mineral makeup is excellent for me. I am prone to breakouts so I need a natural makeup that will not clog my pores. Recently I discovered Mineral Hygenics, and I love them! I received the starter kit and received a kabuki brush, two foundations, a powder and a bronzer….and I was surprised to discovered I LOVE the bronzer! I have never used bronzer before because I assumed it would leave me looking “fake” but that was not the case with this bronzer! It gave me a much needed glow to my skin, and make me look just a tiny bit “sun kissed” but not fake at all! The foundations go on very lightly, and give great coverage….even on my blotchy skin tone. The Kabuki brush is also nicer than most I have used. The bristles are very soft, and allow for excellent application of the makeup!

My fair skin can also be very sensitive, so it is important for me to choose a makeup that will not cause me any issues with that. I love that Mineral Hygenics:
•Does not contain harmful chemical additives, harsh dyes, or man-made fragrances – thus limiting the risk for skin allergies
•Completely free of irritants such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, salicylates, carmine, synthetic fragrances, methylparaben, petro-chemicals, and many other questionable chemicals commonly found in other make-up
•Non-organic, inert materials don’t allow mold or fungus to grow, extending the shelf life far beyond most other types of makeup
•Ingredients adhere to the skin’s surface and are not absorbed – so you can have full day coverage without it clogging your pores or building up within your body
•Natural ingredients are recognized by our bodies
•Synergistic blends capable of replenishing, revitalizing, and protecting skin
•So gentle on the skin, it is recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Estheticians after plastic surgery, dermabrasion and skin resurfacing
•100% chemical-free natural protection from the sun’s damaging rays

The prices are also affordable enough for us Moms on a budget to afford!! Check out Mineral Hygenics; you can get a starter kit for yourself for only $59.99! Worth every penny!

(I received a starter kit from Mineral Hygenics for my review)

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