Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guess who is starting preschool?

We got awesome news recently. A while back my hubby and I began to tour preschools. You have to understand my precious little man does not HAVE to go to school. My schedule is part time, and my Mom loves spending time with her #4 (her fourth grandson). I am so lucky that I #1 do not have to work full time and #2 have a Mom that does not mind watching little man a day or two a week. I have been thinking lately that preschool might be a great option for us. Nothing full-time. I was orginally thinking a day or two a week, just to socialize....and learn a little more than he does here. Mainly socialization though because little man is pretty bright (not that I am bragging or anything) haha! Then, people started telling me that if I put him in a school where there were other kids that went full time- little man might not "fit in" and that even at this young age there might be cliques. Bummer. Whats a Mom to do? The search was on.

I discovered a preschool that was only available M,W,F from 9-12. ALL kids were only there for three days....for three hours. No CLIQUES to worry about. To make this more appealing. Its a church preschool. Yay for that in my opinion. Anything to help little man develop a relationship with Jesus. Wednesdays are music and dance day. Sounds totally fun, right? Mondays are church day. I was thrilled, I loved it. I even discovered Dads cigar out front (I find these tokens of my Dad when I need it most- in this case I thought it was a sign that little man needs to go to school there) I was ready to sign on the dotted line. Until.......I was told it was FULL!! Biiiig Bummer. On little mans birthday though...I got an email! He was ACCEPTED. Another family moved away...and they had a slot for him. I couldn't be happier!! Little man starts preschool Sept 7th....and he is officially growing up!! Makes me a little bitter sweet, but I am sooo happy to be able to provide this opportunity to him.

Thats all!

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