Thursday, September 30, 2010

In a feeble attempt to allow this blog to grow..

I am not around as much as I should be. In the beginning I dedicated a lot of my time here. Back then, there were nap times and early bed times. A mommy that was just not as busy as the mom I have become. Now, I am a soccer mom, and a mom of a preschooler (that only goes three hours a day three days a week-so realistically it is more of a pain to me-then actually giving me free time) I am a work outside of the home mom, a wife...daughter...toxic drywall advocate...friend...blogger...moderator of a moms board...facebook addict...a also a mom of a sick little boy that is dealing with his own set of medical issues related to asthma. Yes, just like all moms I wear many different hats. I love every single one of my hats. However, it seems that my blog gets neglected the most when my life gets overwhelming.

I feel guilty for letting you all down, and not keeping my blog as up to date as many of you. For that reason, I have come up with a fantastic new idea to get my blog moving in the right direction. A guest blogger!! Yay!! So, here pretty newly acquired niece (she married my nephew in March) will be joining me on The Nurse Mommy. Hmmm...something will have to be done about the name since it is not a single person operation any more. She is younger than me (20) so we obviously have different things we will ike to review...since I am approaching 30 (sigh) and find myself reviewing household items more and more, I think that will add a new fun dynamic here. She does not have children, but she does love many including my little man. She is also interested in opening her own home daycare soon. I will let her introduce herself in another post and tell you more....but you get the idea!

Anyway. I hope this adds more deminsions to the blog and allows it to grow. I am excited to see what is in store, and its my own secret ambition to hit 1000 followers before the end of the year! Let me know what you all think about this idea!


  1. The more the merrier! Approaching 30 is NOT old, btw. Approaching 70 is old. At 30, you're just starting to party!!! I'm over that particular hill, and in denial. Can you tell?

  2. I think it's a great idea! I love a variety of opinions & reviews - very fun! Looking forward to "meeting" her & seeing where the blog goes from here!