Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet Pocoyo! Review

My son and I had never watched Pocoyo when we were contacted to review the DVD, MEET POCOYO! I liked what I read about it, and the fact that Pocoyo is also three intrigued me, so I agreed. While waiting on the DVD to arrive we were lucky enough to watch our first episode on Nick Jr and we love it!! Now, that we own the movie every time we see the commercial for Pocoyo, my little man says “we already have that!”
What we loved. Pocoyo is just like a real boy. He learns like the average three year old learns, and he gets upset and even throws tantrums like a three year old will. He is inquisitive and funny…just like my little man. For me, it reaffirmed that my little man is “normal” and right on track. Little man loved it…well why do little guys like any cartoon? It’s funny…teaches him something…has colors….and makes him laugh…yea that’s a winner to him!

If you have not yet seen Pocoyo and have a preschooler in your home..I urge you to watch the show on Nick Jr at 4:25 every day. I think you might just love it like we do! You can also check out their website: Pocoyo World.

I received my own copy of Meet Pocoyo! for this review.

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