Thursday, October 7, 2010

Savvy Rest has the finest pillow and mattress options!

Sleep is a huge part of our all of our lives, and I admit it is precious to me! I love my precious pillow time…so it is necessary for me to have a truly great pillow. In fact, a few truly great pillows are usually what I love. However, I recently discovered a fantastic natural latex pillow at Savvy rest that I just love! It is large….overfilled so you can make it as soft or firm as you like! Immediately after it came in, my little man laid on it in the living room floor and fell asleep on top of it! The pillow gets his 5-star approval! Savvy rest also offers the finest Natural Latex Mattresses that you will find.
So, I admit. Initially, I thought ewww a latex pillow? Really, it’s a good thing!! I know I know…it sounds bad. I mean really what came to my mind was rubber gloves and latex tourniquets(it’s the nurse in me)-not a soft plushy pillow. I was very surprised…in a GOOD way! It’s soft. I released a lot of the stuffing though so that it was a little more plush. Just the way I like it! Okay, so I admit its smell….is a little….WELL latexy. I know that is not a word, but if you ever took a good whiff of a latex glove you know what I mean. Otherwise, this pillow is EXCELLENT…and I definitely recommend it as long as you do NOT have a latex allergy!
Check out Savvy Rest Reviews on their facebook page, and you will see just how popular this store is!!
I received my own Natural Latex Pillow for my Consideration for this review.

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