Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Cool Black Makeup Washcloths from The Turkish Towel Company

I’ve been wearing makeup since I was about 13. That is well over half my life….and one thing I have noticed throughout the years is makeup stains on my washcloths. What a mess. My white washcloths now sport brown mascara stains and ivory marks from my foundation. I have never really thought a whole lot about it. Honestly, I just thought it was one of the sad part of life as a woman.
That is, UNTIL I heard about the black makeup washcloths. Who would have thought?? Well..someone did and it is a great idea!! Love it! These washcloths are made of a very great, absorbent material that makes them super soft. DEFINITELY high quality here!!

I love that these washcloths can be used for display or you can use them to remove makeup and spare your other white washcloths. I think they are adorable as a display washcloth in a woman’s bathroom as well though!!
I think this is a fabulous idea for spas or bed and breakfasts’. When we go to places like that…we want a little extra luxury…but hey, why not buy yourself a set ad have a little extra luxury in your own home??
Check out The Turkish Towel Company if you are interested in high quality towels for your home or business!

I received my own set of black makeup washcloths for my consideration for this review.

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