Sunday, February 20, 2011

Green Gamboni Jeans

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I have the chunkiest lil guy ever and let me tell you cloth diapers do not help in getting his bum in cute jeans. I have the HARDEST time finding brands that will fit over cloth. While going through blogs the other night I found a link to a site that sells jeans JUST for cloth diapers!! Green Gamboni makes the CUTEST lil jeans and was created by a mom! Here is her story!

Green Gamboni was created by a mama.

And like all mamas, I wanted to do what I thought was best for my brewing babe. I opted for cloth diapers. Less demanding on the environment and softer on the bum, cloth was what I wanted! Months later I discovered that there was a problem with fit. Most pants that I came across simply would not accommodate the bulk of the cloth! Frustrated, I started fantasizing about jeans- CUTE jeans- that would keep my little munchkin's bum warm and adorable...just like she deserved.

I am now proud to offer to you exactly the jean that I tried, unsuccessfully, to find for her. I hope you like them. I would love feedback and pictures of your adorable little babes exploring the world in their very own pair of Green Gamboni!


Anne Loarie
Mama & Owner
Green Gamboni

So head on over to Green Gamboni and check out all the different styles they have!! I love them all! Thier all so cute! The best part about these jeans...THEY FULLY cover cloth!!!


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