Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking for a great read? Shadow in Serenity is it!

I am an avid reader and can usually find something I like in any genre. I tend to stick to mostly sci-fi, mystery and Christian fiction books though. I also have found that if a book does not reel me in in the first three chapters, the rest of the book will be a waste of time and energy. Recently I was contacted and asked to review Shadow in Serenity which just so happens to be a great book! As mentioned above, within the first three chapters I was hooked and the characters almost became friends to me. The readers out there will know what I am talking about, that feeling when you finish a book and you just want more? Or even the feeling that a best friend just moved away and left you to grieve? Yes, Shadow in Serenity gave me that feeling.

At the age of 17, Carny Sullivan broke free from the traveling carnival and scamming visitors with her dad, and moved to the safe town of Serenity, Texas. Now with a house of her own, a young son and a new life with people who love her, Carny is very protective of her new hometown.But Carny still knows a con artist when she sees one, and when charming, slick Logan Brisco arrives to dupe her town, she
is determined to reveal his greedy intentions to all. Carny may be Brisco's biggest match. Never having had a real family, Brisco becomes comfortable in the quaint, welcoming town, and the lure of the townspeople love may be just what he needs to change his criminal ways. Despite Carny's anger towards Brisco and her attempts to expose his scam to the townspeople, Carny learns the truth about the man behind that suave smile.It would take a miracle to change him, but she's seen that kind of redemption firsthand.

Prior to receiving this book, I have to tell you I had not heard of Terri Blackstock, however she will now be added to my preferred author list. Though Shadow in Serenity is not my typical type of book (because it does have a romance element to it) I really, really enjoyed it. It was a wholesome, fun read. Each character is fully developed and real. Totally like someone you might know from your home town. Being from a small town myself, I could relate to the “everyone knows everyone” feel of this book.

If you are looking for a great read, I highly recommend Shadow in Serenity by Terri Blackstock to you. It will keep you reading, laughing and gasping along the way as the story develops. I am also anxious to read more books from this author as I am sure they are just as fantastic as this one.

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