Thursday, May 17, 2012

Calgon- Take Me Away!

Calgon- Take me away! That is a phrase that I think just about everyone in America has heard once or twice! Why? Because Calgon is a tried and true brand that has been around forever and for good reason! They make fantastic products that not only smell divine, and leave your skin feeling fresh, but they are affordable too! These products are available nation-wide at Walmart, and the quality is wonderful!

I was lucky enough to receive a Beauty Luxury Gift Set which included the body mist, body cream, 2in1, pouf and cosmetic bag in the Hawaiin Ginger scent and it is heavenly! I put the body spray on now as I am reviewing it so I can give you the most accurate description as possible, and I just keep sniffing my wrist, its smells THAT good.  I would describe the scent as citrusy but CLEAN at the same time. “The invigorating aroma of orange and melon blends with the uplifting crispness of lemon and Hawaiian ginger in this clean, fresh fragrance. Precious woods and musk complete the sensuous affect.” Sounds pretty amazing, right?? It is! The scent also stays in place for a long time, so no reapplying every hour. The lotion smells amazing, and is a very creamy hydrating lotion. The body wash lathers well and leaves you smelling great and feeling moisturized right out of the tub. If you are looking to feel and smell amazing, these three in unison make a WONDERFUL team! 

I have to admit, in the past I have been somewhat of a “brand snob” about my body sprays and washes, but after using Calgon I realized that just because something can be purchased in Walmart does not mean it is not a WONDERFUL product! I now love Calgon and plan to buy more of their fragrances including the Turquoise Seas which has just recently been relaunched and is a customer favorite! 

If you haven’t already, give Calgon a try! I am sure it will take you away- to a wonderful smelling place! You can find out where to purchase your Calgon products here

 I received the item listed above for my consideration while writing this review.

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