Friday, May 18, 2012

Ladida offers boutique kids clothing!

I adore dressing my in stylish clothes, and believe that he is a little reflection of me, so I want him to look his best at all time. I love to dress him in an edgy look, but a look that is still appropriate for a four year old little boy. I recently discovered a very cool little store called Ladida. They have the cutest boutique kids clothing around, and I know little man would look absolutely precious in some of their items. The fabulous thing about Boutique clothing is that you never have to worry about seeing every little kid you know wearing exactly the same outfit as your child. Boutique clothing is more unique and harder to find. I know when my little guy was small, I had a friend and every single picture she sent of her son was the same outfit my little man owned. 

Designer childrens clothing is something that I love, there is nothing more precious than a dressed up little girl or little boy! I quite honestly cannot wait to find out what our baby will be so I can start shopping for Neige brand clothing, or even the ever fabulous Anthem of the Ants! How exciting it will be to dress up a brand new baby in fashionable clothing! I still love to dress my little man up, even though he is now four, but he is not as into it. Once upon a time, he loved to be dressed nice and would even complain if I ran to the store with him in “play clothes!” Now it seems he would rather just be a boy playing in dirt- and clothes are the last thing on his mind.

So, if fashion is important to you, I recommend you checking out the links above, and let your little one be the most fashionable one around!

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