Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aden + Anais makes products that EVERY Mom will love!

Aden and Anais is a brand that most moms know and love, and for good reason. When I think of quality baby items, I automatically think of Aden + Anais…why??? because the brand is JUST THAT NICE!

I was recently lucky enough to receive the bamboo swaddles in the Diwali print. I simply love these! They measure quite large (at 47”x 47”) and that makes it easy for just about EVERYONE to be able to swaddle their baby, whether they have done it for years, or if they are just starting out. They are EXTREMLY lightweight which is wonderful for us, living in Florida. The possibility of a baby overheating is always in my mind, and these are perfect in our climate! If you are having a summer baby or live in a warmer place, be sure to check out Aden + Anais for these lighter weight options! They also offer a cozy collection though, if you need something a little warmer for your baby. The other fantastic thing is these blankets can be used to block the sun while in strollers, or used as burp clothes, tummy time blankets and much more! The possibilities are truly endless! 

So, I have heard this thing about Aden + Anais blankets that I had to try out. I heard that they get even softer after each washing. I have to tell you, I had my doubts because these fabulous bamboo swaddles were already incredibly soft! However, I washed them just to see what would happen and sure enough- even softer!! So, I washed them again……and they are EVEN SOFTER! Wow, I just love these!!! They truly are an exceptional blanket and worth every penny. I definitely plan on purchasing other Aden + Anais items like their towls, sleeping bags and bibs! Be sure you check our Aden + Anais if you never have…I promise you will fall in love! The product is truly something you have to FEEL to believe!

I received this item for my consideration in this review.


  1. The FAVORITE blankets in this house are Aiden&Anais. My boys will fight over them.
    GREAT product!

  2. We have the Muslin swaddles and they really do get softer with each wash. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to try the Bamboo Swaddles!!!!
    I bet they are amazing too.

  3. I LOVE my bamboo swaddling blankets! So soft and pretty! They just came out with some new colors and patterns and even though I totally don't need any more, I would love to get the new blankets!