Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Jen offers custom t-shirts at affordable prices!

When you are pregnant, or at least like me and barely showing pregnant, you want to shout it from the rooftops. At almost 22 week pregnant, and still no really noticeable bump, you kinda want people to notice. I know, I hear of people saying, oh you will be glad of this later. Nope..I won’t. I have been there and done that with my first child and could have hugged someone who finally acknowledged the life growing inside of me… 36 weeks!! 

So, what better way to let people know that you are not just thickening in the middle then by wearing a shirt that proclaims your pregnancy? I personally chose the It’s a Boy with the Siam crystals from Just Jen. The Siam is as close to his birthstone as I could get so I thought that was appropriate. This shirt fits me very nicely, and there is plenty of length to expand, if I ever get that baby belly! It is also a great way to avoid that question that everyone will ask when I do start showing; do you know what you are having?? Why yes, yes I do… my shirt please. It is pretty high quality as well, and thick…unlike many thinner, see through type shirts. This will definitely carry my through the fall months in Florida, where more times than not, it is pretty hot. 

Just Jen  also a fabulous selection of other types of shirts; including baby and girls shirts, holiday shirts, peace shirts, bride shirts and even some cowgirl shirts! Such an incredibly cute store to browse around and fall in love! The prices are really reasonable for their custom rhinestone t-shirts as well!

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