Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby Ota simulates a mothers womb for the perfect swaddling experience!

Having a new baby means that we need a million products, but it also means I get to review lots phenomenal products that I never heard of when my son was born. When my little man was born, I did not have to worry a ton about keeping him warm because he was born in August in Florida…..and lets face it….you definitely do not need to wrap a baby up in that kind of weather. However, our newest little guy will be here in January this year, and it is already turning out to be a cool winter for us. 

I contacted Baby Ota about their super unique, high quality bundle wrap! This is so much easier to use than a traditional swaddler, and made of super high quality 100% bamboo cotton! This makes it soooo incredibly soft and beautiful! It is definitely pretty, and something that you want to use around people and show off, it is absolutely precious and can be handed down from generation to generation. 

I have been trying it out with a friend of mines baby, in preparation for our little bundle and it is EXTREMELY easy to use, extremely easy to wash, and I just love it about 100 times more than the other swaddlers we have. It is also thicker and much cozier for those really chilly days we will have in January and February. What’s even better is that this works perfectly for babies up to 20lbs and six months old.

The Baby Ota is perfect for someone who is due this winter for a lovely Christmas present that they are sure to cherish, or for the PERFECT shower gift that is sure to get lots of attention! Right now, Baby Ota is offering free shipping when you purchase two! 

Please head on over to Baby Ota and purchase one, you will not regret it…and if you are purchasing it for a gift, I bet you will get lots of praise for the creativity of the gift and your thoughtfulness! You can also like Baby Ota on FB for the latest updates from them!


  1. This is interesting! I have never heard of this before. Thanks for doing the review!

  2. That could be very useful as our little man will be born on 12/12/12