Sunday, November 25, 2012

ChapStick offers fantastic holiday flavors!

Winter is brutal on lips and skin, even in Florida. Chapstick has some great winter flavors to help combat the winter icky lips, and they asked me to review it! I was pleasantly impressed with the flavors I received! The Apple Cider and Chocolate Truffle are brand new and Candy Cane is now back by popular demand. I have to say the Chocolate Truffle is my personal favorite, and I feel as if I am having a sneaky little treat every time I apply it! The wonderful thing about the packaging is they have a gift tag on back so you do not have to worry about wrapping them, or they can be a little added bling on top of another gift. They also make great stocking stuffers, or I considered buying some for our annual dirty santa exchange. After all, Chapstick is a great unisex gift that everyone needs! 

I definitely recommend you checking out the newest Chapstick flavors this holiday season, and grabbing a few for an affordable gift that everyone will use.

“The ChapStick® product and  information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

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  1. Fantastic blog post as always! Love reading your posts