Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cafe Press offers unique gifts for your Holiday Shopping Season!

I’ve been a huge fan of Café Press for a long time, ever since I realized they carry all different types of unique nursing tee shirts that I can wear to my job as a pediatric nurse. I recently discovered that they also have nursing nightgowns like the “nurses rock” night shirt! I simply love this; it looks so simple and comfortable and would be the PERFECT gift for the nurse in your life! 

Of course, since we are having a new baby this year (whom hopefully will not come until AFTER Christmas) I cannot help but looking at the babies first Christmas ornaments! CafePress is a great place to shop for Christmas Gifts, including personalized cute and unique Christmas ornaments. These are so cute, and definitely a cherished memory you can hang every year with your little one. 

I also love the idea of having your family photo made each year into a super cute ornament to cherish for years to come! We had maternity pictures made recently, and I definitely plan on getting an ornament made with these! What a cute and unique Christmas item! 

Be sure to check back here shortly for a fantastic giveaway from Café Press.

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  1. Going to check them out, this site sounds like a great place for holiday gifts that are unique. :)

  2. Sounds interesting. Checking this out. :)