Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great Natural cleaner!!!

We are to sell our house so we need to keep it very neat and clean at all times (very hard to do with 1 large dog, 2 cats, an almost 10 year old, a 3.5 month old and a husband). With all the cleaning we had to keep up with I needed something that wouldn't cause me headaches or irritate my skin. I contacted Aussan Natural as they are 100% all natural.

Here are a few great things about Aussan Natural: 

All their products are artificial fragrance free, Phthalate Free, Synthetic Perservative Free, Sodium Lauryl Fulfage (SLS) Free, and formulas are patent pending using botanical extracts and plant bioflaboniods.

Third Party Certified:
The NPA (Natural Products Association) they award their seal to products that contain at least 95% natural ingredients and pose no suspected health risks to humans.

The DtE (The Design for the Environment) logo given by the EPA to say their products have met strict health and safety requirements.

Whole Foods Market created an Eco-Scale Rating- their cleaning products have rated Green on the Eco-Scale (They don’t have a rating system yet on air care/odor eliminators)

I was lucky enough to try out 2 of their products: 
 All-Purpose Cleaner

The first thing I cleaned was my kitchen counter top, I had just done the dishes and it really needed to be cleaned. I loved it right away. It got my counter super clean and didn't have that “cleaner” smell to it.  Since then I pretty much clean everything in my kitchen and bathroom with it.

Cat Oder Eliminator 

We have 2 cats, and keep a litter box upstairs and one downstairs. The litter we buy does a great job of masking the Oder but it’s always nice to have something else to help it out a bit. On the mornings of a house showing I would spray it all around and into the litter box. It seemed to work great. My mom came over after one showing and said she if she didn't know we had cats, she would never have guessed it

Products are available for sale on their website but also at,, and various retailers throughout the country.

One lucky winner will get to chose from All Purpose or Cat or Dog Odor Eliminator.

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I received these Items above for my consideration while writing this review. 


  1. cat oder eliminator ROCKS-

  2. I hate hate hate cleaning our bathrooms;

  3. I'd say the worst room to have to clean up is the garage--we park our cars outside, so it's essentially a storage space now. we don't go through it often, but when we do, it's a headache.

    In terms of cleaning as in scrubbing/disinfecting, the bathroom is the worst.