Saturday, January 12, 2013

Conscious Box: Eco-friendly fun every month!

Conscious Box was kind enough to send me this month’s box for free!  If you are an eco-minded individual who happens to like to try different health foods and products, this is the box for you to try before making big purchases on items! 

First I will tell you about the products I received: A detoxifying mustard bath that I am stoked to try out, but I am waiting until I am no longer pregnant! I just do not want to take any chances and I am not 100% sure the detoxifying properties are safe while preggo….and also a temple rub lotion that enhances focus. I can tell you right now I need all the focus I can get. I loved this and loved the smell of it! I am totally into aromatherapy, so this was just up my alley!

Now onto the foodstuffs…..There are lots of goodies to try: macaroons, a kidz Superfood drink powder mix with 32 fruits and veggies that you cannot get from a multivitamin, an organic fruit and veggie squeeze, chocolate chia maca protein bar that is packed with 22 grams of protein! There is also apple clusters, Koopuwa and even an eco friendly reusable straw!! 

For just $19.95 a month you can receive a box to try out all of these eco-friendly goodies, so it feels like Christmas every month to you!! It is fun to dig in and discover your newest favorites!

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